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Custom Cardboard Boxes with Handles and Carry Box Styles

Custom boxes with handles can be used for various purposes – they are excellent packaging solutions for glass bottles and jars. They are often used for food hamper applications – custom boxes with handles remove the need for using disposable plastic bags. Cardboard carry boxes are useful in a retail setting for heavy or delicate items. Cardboard boxes with handles make carrying the box easier and can be printed with your logo and branding in any colour, or left unprinted. There are many design options for your carry handle boxes, just browse the carry box styles below.

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    More about custom boxes with handles

    Carry Handle Boxes

    Custom carry handle boxes can be made in most shapes or sizes. The handles make the box easier to handle and carry – convenient for you in the supply chain and for the end customer. Carry handles can be integrated into most cardboard box styles as a cut-out, or separate plastic handles can be supplied which clip into the box. If reducing single-use plastic is your aim, we recommend cardboard handles or cut-outs. Cardboard handle boxes are quick and easy to assemble, and our designers will ensure they are strong enough for your products and fit for purpose.

    FEFCO 0217 Handle Boxes

    FEFCO 0217 style boxes have integrated carry handles as part of the locking/closure mechanism at the opening. These carry handle boxes have an envelope base which is quick and easy to assemble, an additional lock can be incorporated to make these bases stronger if required. FEFCO 0217 boxes are often used for take-away food and for carrying brochures at tradeshows and exhibitions. Variants of FEFCO 0217 boxes can be used for wine bottle boxes, beer bottle carry packs, wine bottle carriers, etc.

    Presentation Boxes with Handles

    Presentation boxes with handles are an excellent way to present corporate gifts, promotional material and retail items. Retail boxes with handles are convenient to carry away from the store – this especially helps your customers with the introduction of plastic bag taxes. Customise your carry handle box with a range of full-colour print options.

    Cardboard Boxes with Handles

    Here at WH Skinner, we design cardboard boxes with handles to suit all shapes and sizes of products. Commonly, you can put bottles (such as wine, Champagne, spirits or beer) and glass jars into boxes with handles. Corrugated cardboard is a brilliant material for heavier items, as it is strong and sturdy and offers some cushioning and protection.

    Custom Hamper Boxes

    Custom hamper boxes can be made to order for all sorts of businesses, food and drink manufacturers and gift shops. We can design hamper boxes with or without handles. Hamper boxes can be fully printed with your choice of graphics, advertising your products and services, and your contact details for future order opportunities. Custom hamper boxes can be designed with custom inserts to keep your products in pristine condition during transit, our cardboard inserts are easy to assemble and plastic free – a real plus for your customers and the environment.