Promotional Cubes, Totems & Point of Sale Towers

Cardboard Promotional Display Cubes

Make an attractive 3D cardboard display with display cubes. Point of sale displays don’t need to physically hold your product to make an attractive cardboard display. Sometimes a 3D cardboard display such as a promotional cube, advertising plinth, totem or tower, is the perfect way to promote your product or service. In the absence of a physical product, or where the product is not suitable for a retail shelf, point of sale becomes even more important than ever to get your brand and sales message noticed. Promotional cardboard displays are seen everywhere from car showrooms to cinemas, health clubs to hospitals, pubs and restaurants to libraries.

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Custom Point of Sale Towers

Differentiate your product or service from the competition. When you have a new product or service to shout about, a 3D display should be one of the first marketing tools you choose. Typically corrugated cardboard is used to create your custom point of sale tower – but WH Skinner can also use other materials such as honeycomb board, foamex or correx, each material offers properties such as longevity, outdoor weather resistance or extra strength in your display.

Elliptical Totem Displays

A great product for 360 degree visibility on your marketing campaign. Oval or elliptical totem displays are prominent on the high street and in major supermarkets, retail parks and at exhibitions. They fold flat to save on distribution costs and storage space. Elliptical totem displays have a tiny footprint compared with the amount of marketing print space – graphics can be placed on the front and back. Depending on the height of your elliptical totem, we may recommend some additional feet for stability.

Point of Sale Towers,Display Cubes and Totems in the UK

Locally designed and manufactured with fast and reliable turnaround times. Point of sale towers, display cubes and totems are designed and manufactured on our own premises. Our in-house, strictly quality controlled British design and manufacturing facilities are just 40 miles from London – we’re situated in Maidstone, Kent which is in the South East of England. You’ll speak with our knowledgeable sales team who will help you with all aspects of your order and keep you informed throughout the process.

Point of Sale Towers,Display Cubes and Totems on a Budget

Purchasing point of sale towers, display cubes and totems directly from a manufacturer such as ourselves is a great way of getting good value for money. However, there are several other ways we can help you make sure your display cube and totem costs are kept to a minimum, just speak to one of our friendly sales team who will be happy to discuss your cardboard point of sale ideas and help turn them into reality.

Other Point of Sale Towers,Display Cubes and Totems Services

We offer several fulfillment services in addition to designing and manufacturing display cubes and point of sale towers. Our team of production staff are extremely efficient and have plenty of experience. Our other point of sale towers, display cubes and totems services include;

  • Manufacturing of outer cartons for display cubes and totems
  • Packing display cubes and totems into individual outer boxes
  • Packing multiple display cubes and totems into outers for 10 or 20 cubes for example
  • Art working service – applying your chosen graphics to the artwork net and making your graphics ready to print
  • Assembly instructions – online video,  PDF format or printed and packed and included with delivery

Please note that point of sale towers, display cubes and totems are usually delivered flat and stacked on a pallet for you to distribute as standard. If you would like any of these other services please let us know and we will provide a quotation.