Cardboard Furniture & Product Design

Recyclable, temporary cardboard furniture and other cardboard products, designed & manufactured in-house

Corrugated cardboard is surprisingly strong. Once the correct thickness and grade is chosen, and crucially when it is folded in the correct way, it’s strength to weight ratio is unsurpassed by traditional furniture materials. Furthermore, in flat sheet form it can be run through a printer – meaning you can have contemporary, custom designed cardboard furniture in whichever colour or graphic design you choose.

In terms of cardboard product design – we offer our design-only services or a complete manufacturing service. Cardboard is an affordable material which can be used in a variety of ways to make objects from lampshades to toys, puzzles to chairs and tables.

"We've been designing custom cardboard furniture for use at exhibitions and events for a decade now, its successful because it can be fully branded and it's lightweight."

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This laminated cardboard chair is incredibly strong and sturdy – it has multiple layers of cardboard glued together rather than being made of folded panels.

A cardboard seat for a stool with metal legs. Designed as part of the Xicato exhibition stand which was exported to Frankfurt, Germany.

Corrugated cardboard storage cubes for an exhibition – packed down for transporting abroad, quick and easy to assemble when required.

Cardboard storage cube and cardboard furniture for exhibition or trade show event

A stunning cardboard lampshade which simply slots together, proving the simplest designs are often the best.

cardboard lampshade custom made

This cardboard table was designed as a computer work bench, with a special central column for running power cables.

UK Designed Cardboard Table with Power Cable Access

These cardboard stools were designed in a hexagonal shape so that they nest together when assembled, making several layout possibilities.

corrugated cardboard stool

A simple cardboard bar to lean on whilst having a chat over a coffee at a trade fair. Brown unprinted cardboard works really well for some brands.

Simple brown reusable cardboard display boards and tables for this university degree show, set in an atmospheric warehouse for the perfect backdrop.

Made from cellboard this lounge chair is super-strong and simply slots together when required. When you’re done, it then easily packs away.

Simple but effective temporary cardboard chairs for your exhibition or event. Choose brown or white board, printed or plain – flat packed!

Cardboard Chairs Plain Brown & Printed Blue

Lovely corrugated cardboard lampshades designed to illuminate a night market in London. Plain brown board and red print is simple but effective.

Corrugated cardboard lampshade for use at a night market in London South East England

A colourful storage unit made from corrugated cardboard, which was designed as part of the Xicato exhibition which was exported to Madrid, Spain.

A clever advertising campaign for Mother’s Day, these cardboard thrones were sent to influencers and celebrities to promote The Bodyshop as part of their #QueenOfMums promotion.

Commisioned for a local ecologically-minded company’s summer garden party, these lawn games were well recieved by employees and customers alike. Suitable for dry weather only!

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    More about cardboard furniture and product design

    Lightweight corrugated cardboard furniture

    Corrugated cardboard is a great material for producing temporary furniture – it can be flat packed, is incredibly lightweight so can be moved around with ease, and can be fully printed with whatever graphic design or colour you want.

    Recyclable furniture and the environment

    What happens to your temporary furniture after the event? Cardboard furniture can be designed to be disassembled and flat packed for next time. Alternatively, cardboard furniture can be flattened and recycled extremely easily. Read more about our environmental credentials here.

    Cardboard furniture in the UK

    We’re based just outside the M25 in Maidstone, Kent. We’re ideally located for quick and easy transportation throughout the UK, but especially London and the South East.