Cardboard Recycle Bins, Cardboard Bins & Dump Bins for Retail

Custom Cardboard Recycle Bins & Cardboard Bins

Our cardboard recycle bins can be designed in any size, shape or colour, and can be fully branded with your choice of graphics, logos and instructions. Our in-house cardboard recycle bin designers only use corrugated cardboard which is known for having a high percentage of recycled paper content and is 100% recyclable. WH Skinner will design a cardboard bin to suit your exact specification – just let us know what shape, size and style you’d like. Alternatively, we can make recommendations based on your cardboard bin requirements.

Custom Cardboard Dump Bins

The perfect display for retailing fast selling stock. Dump bin point of sale displays are a space effective way of displaying your products. WH Skinner can create any size or shape of dump bin depending on the available retail floor space and the product you wish to display. Dump bins are the perfect cardboard display style for selling quick moving stock, discounted / promotional stock, and stock approaching use-by date. Dump bin point of sale displays are also great for irregular shaped items which won’t sit on shelves easily such as items without individual packaging.

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    Custom Recycling Bins

    Cardboard recycle bins offer a large printing area, perfect for your creative graphics to take centre stage. This makes them a great place to advertise your brand. WH Skinner creates custom recycle bins, giving clients an opportunity to place their brand or message on the bin’s lid, sides or we can add a header for even more print area. With our highly durable and very attractive custom recycling bins, you’re sure to make a long-lasting statement, whilst collecting items to be recycled or repurposed. We make cardboard recycle bins for collecting used clothes, batteries, mobile phones and other consumer electronics. We also make office recycle bins for collecting office waste.

    Cardboard Bins

    WH Skinner provides premium corrugated cardboard bins. Available with customised and vibrant full-colour printing, we can create stylish and durable product packaging, storage and display materials. We offer a variety of shapes from standard rectangular containers to specialised styles. You can choose from various sizes and finishing (e.g. gloss or matt). The bins are easy to assemble and store. Our products are eco-friendly, manufactured using sustainable materials and renewable energy.

    Cardboard Recycling Bins

    A great product for charities and retailers collecting donations. Printed cardboard recycling bins are prominent on both the high street and in major supermarkets. They are most often used to collect donations of unwanted clothes and bric-a-brac, or food for food banks. Printed cardboard recycling bins are also great for collecting used ink cartridges or paper and cardboard in the office. Cardboard recycling bins can be printed to promote your charity or company and encourage their use.

    Retail Dump Bins

    Boost your sales with stylish retail dump bins. You can display your products on sale or feature a new product. You can even use them for stock clearance sales. As highly visible objects, they are a very effective marketing tool. We can make retail dump bins in any colour, style and size you require. They are very easy to assemble and can be effortlessly positioned. They are strong enough for long-term use in busy retail areas and light-weight enough to be relocated.

    Pallet Shipper Displays

    A two in one transit and marketing solution. Pallet shipper point of sale displays take your products from warehouse to retail floor in one item. Custom-fit packing keeps your products safe on the pallet during transit. When the pallet shipper is delivered to store, it can be placed directly into a prime space in the retail environment. There is no need to unpack items from packing cartons to stock the shelves with pallet shipper style point of sale displays. These dump bins are typically designed to fit a standard pallet, ½ pallet, ¼ pallet, or euro pallet – whilst internal packing ensures they also fit your product perfectly.

    Custom Dump Bins

    Differentiate your product from the competition. A wide variety of dump bin styles are available to suit your needs; rectangular, octagonal, circular, multi-section or single dump bin, WH Skinner designs and manufactures dump bins to your custom specification. As well as the overall dimensions, the inside depth can be varied in height and dividers can be added to separate different ranges. A header can be added, with profile cut-out to fit your graphics for a really individual design.

    Dump Bins and Pallet Shippers in the UK

    Locally designed and manufactured with fast and reliable turnaround times. Dump bins and pallet shippers are designed and manufactured on our own premises. Our in-house, strictly quality controlled British design and manufacturing facilities are just 40 miles from London – we’re situated in Maidstone, Kent which is in the South East of England. You’ll speak with our knowledgeable sales team who will help you with all aspects of your order and keep you informed throughout the process.

    Dump Bins & Pallet Shippers on a Budget

    Purchasing dump bins and pallet shippers directly from a manufacturer such as ourselves is a great way of getting good value for money. However, there are several other ways we can help you make sure your custom packaging and display costs are kept to a minimum, just speak to one of our friendly sales team who will be happy to discuss your dump bin ideas and help turn them into reality.

    Other Dump bin and Pallet Shipper Services

    We offer several fulfillment services for your dump bins and pallet shippers. WH Skinner’s production team are extremely efficient as they have years of experience. Our other dump bin and pallet shipper services can include;

    • Art working service – applying your graphics and text to the artwork net, making your graphics print-ready
    • Assembly instructions – printed and included with delivery, electronic PDF, or You Tube video

    Dump bins and pallet shippers are usually supplied flat stacked on a pallet. If you would like any of these other services please let us know and we will be happy to send you a quotation.