Cardboard Window Displays and Art Installations

Retail window displays, visual merchandising, art installations, anything else you can dream of – all engineered and carefully manufactured in-house

"Our full time production team, with exceptional skill and experience have the ultimate eye for detail, ensuring your finished products will never be second best."

From concept to delivery, we design and manufacture retail window displays and other unique installations from a wide range of materials, predominantly corrugated cardboard and honeycomb cardboard. These materials are great for building temporary displays and semi-permanent structures alike. Corrugated cardboard and honeycomb cardboard has a high strength to weight ratio – meaning logistics are far easier – and possible with far fewer staff than more conventional materials.

Cardboard and honeycomb board are available in base colours of either bright white or brown and can be  left unprinted or fully printed with your graphic designs in any colour imaginable – or finished in other ways such as varnish, adhesive embellishments, the limit really is your imagination. For your convenience, cardboard can be easily broken down and is completely recyclable.

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This retail window display was designed to look like a long ribbon, looping in heart shapes, and included LED fairy lights for added sparkle.


Laminated brown corrugated cardboard is great for some campaigns – these large letters for Selfridges spelled out the types of denim jeans on offer.

Corrugated cardboard point of sale display letters made by laminating the cardboard

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A corrugated cardboard star, covered in glittery vinyl. If you think the star is big, you should have seen the size of the Christmas tree it topped!

Large scale Christmas tree-topper for Christmas decorations

A honeycomb cardboard tree, used for internal & HR reasons at Innocent HQ in London. We’ve made cardboard trees in all shapes and sizes.

3D honeycomb cardboard tree

A beautiful piece of cardboard engineering, this art installation was transformed from a paper maquette made by the artist to full scale design.

Designed for a museum exhibition about the geodisic dome, these pentagon shaped displays each represented a section of a geodesic dome.

Corrugated cardboard is a popular material for retail interior design – these cardboard fins on the ceiling represent a tree canopy.

More about cardboard window displays

Design-led cardboard window displays

Our design team have experience in the fields of interior design, product design, graphic design, engineering  and surveying – a broad but complimentary mix of backgrounds which works well in all aspects of what we do. Our team love a challenge, and relish the chance to be creative at every opportunity, whether you bring us a concept or want us to present an idea to you.

Retail window displays and the environment

What happens to your window display when it’s time to replace it? Window displays can be designed to be disassembled and flat packed for re-use again. If there isn’t going to be a next time, cardboard window displays can be put straight out for recycling – easy! Read more about our environmental policies.

Window displays in London

We’re based just outside the M25, in Maidstone, Kent. We’re ideally located for quick and easy deliveries in London and the South East as well as further afield.