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Welcome to the dynamic world of custom cardboard packaging, where first impressions can make a lasting impact on your brand’s success. In today’s fiercely competitive market, it’s essential for businesses to differentiate their products through personalised and thoughtful presentation. Customised packaging is not just a protective shell for your products; it’s a strategic tool that can elevate your brand, foster customer loyalty, and enhance the unboxing experience. Explore our portfolio of previous work and gain ideas for your custom presentation boxes and custom packaging boxes requirements.

Tailored Cardboard Packaging Solutions

Presentation Box and Sleeve With Customised Inserts Hair Burst

Presentation Boxes

Retail Packaging For Large Products

Shelf Ready Packaging

BBC Influencer Box Killing Eve Cereal Box Inserts

PR Boxes / Influencer Boxes

Corrugated Cardboard Retail Packaging

Custom Retail Packaging and Retail Boxes

Custom Size Printed Postal Boxes

Custom Mailing Boxes

Flexo Printed Outer Packaging Protective Inserts

Strong Cardboard Boxes

Strong Stacking Pallet Bin Heavy Duty Packaging

Pallet Boxes

Box Play In 4K

Custom Packing Boxes and Cartons

Stacking Farm Produce Trays

Cardboard Produce Boxes and Trays

FEFCO 0427 with Handle Briefcase Style Cardboard Box

Boxes with Handles

Corporate Gift Box with Inserts

Custom Box Inserts

Flexo Printed 0201 Outer

Protective Cardboard Corrugated Packaging

Harrisons Corporate Gift Boxes with Custom Inserts

Corporate Gift Boxes UK

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    Adding Imagery and Branding turning your visions into reality

    BIN50605 Catalogue Dispenser Bin Brochure Holder Dump Bin BIN50605 Catalogue Dispenser Bin Brochure Holder Dump Bin
    CDU41189 Large Countertop Cardboard Display for Childrens Books CDU41189 Large Countertop Cardboard Display for Children's Books
    PRE36098 Elle Sera 0427 with Insert PRE36098 Elle Sera 0427 with Insert
    CDU7842 Tiered Cardboard Display with 9 Pockets CDU7842 Tiered Cardboard Display with 9 Pockets
    PRE34694 Custom Presentation Box Cardboard Briefcase Box Custom Inserts PRE34694 Custom Presentation Box Cardboard Briefcase Box Custom Inserts
    BOX33197 FEFCO 0427 with Handle Briefcase Style Cardboard Box with Gloss Varnish BOX33197 FEFCO 0427 with Handle Briefcase Style Cardboard Box with Gloss Varnish
    PRE31457 Eco Friendly Presentation Boxes PRE31457 Eco Friendly Presentation Boxes
    BOX0201DYS Flexo Printed 0201 Outer BOX0201DYS Flexo Printed 0201 Outer
    LEA52532 Custom Leaflet Dispensers Cardboard Leaflet Holders LEA52532 Custom Leaflet Dispensers Cardboard Leaflet Holders
    FSDU51332 Eco Friendly Cardboard Retail Display FSDU51332 Eco Friendly Cardboard Retail Display
    Corporate Gift Box Custom Packaging

    Custom cardboard presentation boxes and corporate gift boxes

    We work in response to your specific brief to create a custom presentation box to present your corporate gifts beautifully. Choose from different styles of custom presentation boxes such as ones for promotional packaging which can incorporate promo boxes for drinks or larger boxes. If you are a retailer then view our range of boxes for retailers. A striking custom presentation box will often be kept as a reminder for years to come so whether you are looking for an eco-friendly box or perhaps a box to show off a portfolio then contact us using the link below.

    Pallet Boxes, Pallet Bins, Pallet Wraps and Octabins

    Packaging crafted from layered materials proves optimal for efficiently managing bulk quantities during packing, storage, or shipping. Particularly well-suited for accommodating larger, heavier, and bulkier products, its impressive strength emanates from both the inherent qualities of the material and the precision of custom packaging design.

    For robust packaging needs, the use of double-wall and triple-wall boards is advised due to their strength-to-weight ratio in heavy-duty applications.

    Cardboard Pallet Boxes Double Wall Cardboard Bin for Fresh Produce

    Protective Packaging

    Layered packaging material is utilised globally for its outstanding strength, versatility, and lightweight attributes, serving as a safeguard against damage to contents. The implementation of custom packaging is the optimal method for protecting box contents tightly, mitigating the risk of damage caused by movement during transit.

    Selecting appropriate custom packaging not only minimises losses due to breakage, spoilage, or contamination but also eliminates the necessity for additional protective layers within the box. This works really well for products like Glass, Ceramics, and flat pack boxes.

    Retail Packaging

    Structured cardboard packaging proves to be an excellent choice for retail boxes, available in either white or brown. Beyond merely safeguarding the box’s contents, these boxes offer the option for printing, enabling you to convey information to customers and promote the product effectively.

    Customising boxes with direct printing allows you to showcase your branding, instructions, ingredients, or any other necessary details. The finishing touches, such as standard printing or enhancements like varnishes and metallic inks, contribute to creating a visually appealing and informative packaging solution.

    Document Folders

    Corrugated cardboard is just one material WH Skinner can offer for the production of custom document presentation boxes. We can also offer custom document folders made from plastics. Document presentation boxes can be directly printed with your branding and can be finished beautifully with standard printing or varnishes, metallic inks etc, ready in time for your next major client presentation

    Custom Box with Handles

    Custom premium presentation boxes with handles are ideal for your next corporate event. Handles can be integrated into the packaging design, or plastic handles can be fitted depending on your preference. Boxes with handles are more comfortable for carrying away your corporate give-away items as well as hand-outs and leaflets. Carry handle boxes are great for use as retail boxes, removing the need for a plastic bag, and keeping your branding on show.

    Stacking Farm Produce Trays

    Corrugated Cardboard Produce Trays

    This cardboard works for produce trays because it is strong and lightweight, and can be made into stackable trays. WH Skinner cardboard produce trays can be plain or be custom printed with your branding for easy identification in transit and on the retail shelf. In terms of efficiency, these produce trays provide space-efficiency which is ideal for transportation, and at the end of its life, our eco-friendly packaging breaks down and is easy to dispose of.

    Fitments and Inserts for Corrugated Packaging

    Custom fitments and inserts are designed around your product and placed into the packaging to provide safe and secure packaging which minimises breakages in transit.

    Custom cardboard corrugated packaging fitments and inserts secure and cushion a product inside a pack, whilst improving stacking strength of boxes.
    Our packaging fitments should be quick and easy to assemble.

    Corrugated Cardboard Box Packaging With Inserts and Fitments
    Box With Custom Fitments For Furniture

    Heavy Duty and Oversize Boxes

    Corrugated cardboard boxes are perfect for larger, heavier and bulkier products. Corrugated packaging is surprisingly strong – strength comes from the material itself as well as the custom packaging design.

    Double wall and triple wall boards are recommended in heavy duty and oversize packaging applications. The strength to weight ratio of our cardboard makes it perfect in air freight and road freight applications, where fuel costs are a consideration. Custom inserts can be designed to improve stacking strength of boxes.

    Custom Archive Boxes

    A custom archive box makes the most of your available space. These custom corrugated boxes will fit your contents, shelves and racking perfectly and can be plain or printed and will protect your archive contents, whatever the weight and size.

    Archive boxes can be designed with a separate lid or an integrated lid to keep contents clean and should be strong, with handles for easy carrying.

    Custom Stong Archiving Boxes With Lids
    Custom Printed Postal Boxes

    Mailing Boxes and Postal Boxes

    Corrugated cardboard is widely considered the best material for postal boxes and mailing boxes. Our cardboard is both lightweight and offers excellent crush resistance. The mailing box design should protect the enclosed items from damage – carefully choosing the correct materials and packaging manufacturer will help to reduce your business costs overall and ensure your contents arrive in pristine condition

    Our Materials

    Single Wall and Double Wall Flutes

    Corrugated cardboard is a sustainable and recyclable material which is both lightweight and extremely strong. Depending on the thickness of the corrugations and finish of the liner board, corrugated card can be elegant, strong, and long lasting.

    This cardboard can be used for boxes and displays but also furniture, exhibitions, games and art.

    E flute is mainly used for inner containers, presentation boxes and smaller countertop displays.

    Double wall cardboard such as EE or EB is used where box strength is important, or for free standing displays and dump bins.

    Single wall cardboard such as B or C flute is generally reserved for economical outer boxes and cartons. BC flute is used for more demanding applications.

    Corrugated Cardboard

    All the benefits of corrugated cardboard but with the added convenience of rigidity in sheet form. This material is ideal for use in cardboard furniture, exhibition and semi-permanent displays. It can also be used as packing material for fragile items.

    Structural Board Protective Cardboard

    Display board is a solid board without corrugations and is generally used for high-end displays, and in places where curves are desired such as elliptical towers or round displays.

    It is often used as a cladding material, where the strength and rigidity of a display will come from the cardboard components inside. Display board offers excellent print finish and a long-lasting high quality surface.

    Display Cardboard

    Ideal for use where cardboard is not suitable, UV-stable Correx can be used outdoors, in wet weather conditions, can be washed clean, and can be printed as usual. Commonly used for displays in garden centres and DIY stores.

    Correx Cardboard

    Extremely light weight and very rigid, foam board is ideal for hanging display boards. It has a very smooth surface for high print quality. 

    Foam Centred Board

    Foamex is a solid plastic sheet material which has excellent longevity. Frequently this material is used for outdoor signage and has a good appearance once printed. Occasionally, Foamex is used for indoor displays where complex and detailed cut-outs reduce the strength of cardboard i.e. standees.


    Predominantly, transparent polypropylene sheeting is used for producing mop trays, which are waterproof trays to fit around the base of a cardboard display.

    Once fitted, the floor can be mopped as usual without the need to move the display to a dry area.

    Other Plastics