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Custom packaging boxes and corrugated packaging simultaneously protects your products from damage and presents them to your customer in an attractive way. Click the links below to explore our portfolio of previous work and gain ideas for your custom presentation boxes and custom packaging boxes requirements. For more information and prices contact us on 01622 749099

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More About Our Custom Packaging Boxes and Corrugated Packaging

Promotional printed presentation box with custom inserts

Custom Presentation Boxes & Corporate Gift Boxes

We work in response to your specific brief to create a custom presentation box to present your corporate gifts beautifully. Custom presentation boxes are just as important as the gift itself – presentation boxes are a huge part of the gift opening experience and a striking custom presentation box will often be kept as a reminder for years to come. Read more…

Large Box Protective Packaging with Inserts and Fitments

Protective Packaging 

Corrugated packaging is used worldwide for its excellent strength, versatility and lightweight properties – it protects and prevents damage to contents. Custom packaging is the best way to protect box contents, as contents are held in place tightly – it is often the movement happening inside the box which causes the most damage in transit. Choosing the right custom packaging helps prevent losses through breakage, spoilage or contamination and means no further protective packaging is needed within the box. Read more…

Shower Gel Retail Box made from Corrugated Cardboard

Retail Packaging

Corrugated cardboard packaging is ideal for retail boxes – it’s available in white or brown. As well as protecting the contents of the box, boxes can be printed to provide your customer with information and promoting the product to consumers. Cardboard boxes can be directly printed with your branding, instructions, ingredients, or anything else you may need, and can be finished beautifully with standard printing or varnishes, metallic inks etc. Read more…

Flood Printed Stacking Farm Produce Trays Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated Cardboard Produce Trays

Corrugated cardboard works for produce trays because it is strong and lightweight, and can be made into stackable trays. Corrugated cardboard produce trays can be plain or be custom printed with your branding for easy identification in transit and on the retail shelf. In terms of efficiency, corrugated cardboard provides space-efficient packaging which is ideal for transportation, and at the end of its life, corrugated packaging breaks down and is easy to dispose of. Read more…

Heavy Duty Boxes and Oversize Boxes

Corrugated cardboard boxes are perfect for larger, heavier and bulkier products. Corrugated packaging is surprisingly strong – strength comes from the material itself as well as the custom packaging design. Double wall and triple wall boards are recommended in heavy duty and oversize packaging applications. The strength to weight ratio of corrugated cardboard makes it perfect in air freight and road freight applications, where fuel costs are a consideration. Custom inserts can be designed to improve stacking strength of boxes. Read more…

Postal box with flexographic print - flexo printed mailing boxes in Kent, near London

Mailing Boxes & Postal Boxes

Corrugated cardboard is widely considered the best material for postal boxes and mailing boxes.. Corrugated cardboard is both lightweight and offers excellent crush resistance. The mailing box design should protect the enclosed items from damage – carefully choosing the correct materials and packaging manufacturer will help to reduce your business costs overall and ensure your contents arrive in pristine condition. Read more…

Heavy duty corrugated cardboard pallet bin for farm produce and heavy freight

Pallet Boxes, Pallet Bins, Pallet Wraps and Octabins

Corrugated cardboard is ideal for bulk packing, bulk storage or shipping of bulk quantities. Corrugated cardboard packing is perfect for larger, heavier and bulkier products. Corrugated packaging is surprisingly strong – strength comes from the material itself as well as the custom packaging design. Double wall and triple wall boards are recommended in heavy duty corrugated packaging applications, they have a high strength to weight ratio. Read more…

Magazine subscription postal box - mailing boxes in Maidstone, Kent - near London

Document Folders

Corrugated cardboard is just one material WH Skinner can offer for the production of custom document presentation boxes. We can also offer custom document folders made from plastics. Document presentation boxes can be directly printed with your branding and can be finished beautifully with standard printing or varnishes, metallic inks etc, ready in time for your next major client presentation.

Custom presentation box with handle and inserts for an iPad, near London UK

Custom Boxes with Handles

Custom presentation boxes with handles are ideal for your next corporate event. Handles can be integrated into the corrugated packaging design, or plastic handles can be fitted depending on your preference. Boxes with handles are more comfortable for carrying away your corporate give-away items as well as hand-outs and leaflets. Carry handle boxes are great for use as retail boxes, removing the need for a plastic bag, and keeping your branding on show. Read more…

Cardboard Boxes with Dividers - Cardboard Box Inserts

Fitments and Inserts for Corrugated Packaging

Custom corrugated packaging fitments and inserts secure and cushion a product inside a pack, whilst improving stacking strength of boxes. Custom fitments and inserts are designed around your product and placed into the corrugated packaging to provide safe and secure packaging which minimises breakages in transit. Custom corrugated packaging fitments should be quick and easy to assemble, WH Skinner are corrugated packaging experts. Read more…

Custom Archiving Box - Printed Archive Box

Custom Archive Boxes

A custom archive box makes the most of your available space. These custom corrugated boxes will fit your contents, shelves and racking perfectly and can be plain or printed and will protect your archive contents, whatever the weight and size. Archive boxes can be designed with a separate lid or an integrated lid to keep contents clean and should be strong, with handles for easy carrying. Corrugated packaging is great as it is lightweight and folds flat for easy storage.

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Custom Boxes in Kent

We are a custom box manufacturer in Kent, positioned to serve Kent, London & the South East and the whole of the UK. We’re a Maidstone box manufacturer, for your local and national box manufacturing requirements. We make brown cardboard boxes and white cardboard boxes in Maidstone, Kent. We also make custom printed boxes in Kent. Read more about us.