Custom Mailing Boxes & Postable Boxes

Completely Customised Postal Boxes

We design and manufacture custom mailing boxes for products to be sent by post which suit the contents of your parcel. Custom mailing box designs should protect the enclosed items from damage. Carefully choosing the correct boxes will help to reduce your business costs in terms of assembly, packing time, postage costs, breakages and loss of your reputation.

Corrugated Cardboard Postable Boxes

Corrugated cardboard has an excellent strength to weight ratio, making it the perfect material for postable boxes. Corrugated cardboard postable boxes are both crush and impact resistant, protecting your box contents extremely well. Corrugated cardboard is easily recyclable, making it environmentally friendly and easy for your customer to dispose of.

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    More about Mailing Boxes and Postal Boxes

    Printed Postal Boxes

    Our extensive range of production equipment means we are set up for short to long production runs of printed postal boxes. We can offer FEFCO box styles for your printed postal boxes, or something more unique. We are able to print digitally for shorter runs, screen for medium runs – litho or flexo printing are more economical printing options for longer runs.

    Universal Mailing Boxes

    Designing your custom printed mailing boxes to fit the maximum allowable sizes for Royal Mail’s standards will mean you have maximum flexibility with the minimum postal cost. Make sure your custom boxes conform to Royal Mail sizes (opens in a new tab).

    >>We’re a custom printed mailing box manufacturer in the UK

    WH Skinner’s guide to ordering the correct custom mailing boxes for your business

    When choosing custom mailing boxes – including custom boxes designed for posting or courier handling – there are a number of important factors to consider:

    Custom Mailing Box Size & Shape

    1. Standard size mailing boxes for packaging a range of different products – keep within RoyalMail maximum dimensions and courier volume sizes for postable boxes to keep your postal costs to a minimum
    2. Custom mailing boxes for packaging products of a specific size – preventing damage during transit with a custom postable box or bespoke postal box
    3. Inserts and fitments can be designed for a perfect fit for irregular shaped products inside, or to add extra protection in transit
    Standard size mailing boxes and postable boxes are a good option

    >>Standard size postable boxes are a good option to keep postal costs down

    >>FEFCO 0426, FEFCO 0427 and FEFCO 0471 are some of WH Skinner’s most popular custom mailing box styles

    Mailing Box Strength

    1. Corrugated cardboard is widely considered the best material for postal boxes and mailing boxes. It is both lightweight and offers excellent crush resistance. Depending on the size of the box required and the weight of the product inside, we may recommend a single wall or double wall board, <1mm to 7.5mm thick
    2. Custom mailing box style and design – take a look through our guide to popular box styles for inspiration or ask us to recommend a style for your requirements
    3. Cardboard buffers can be incorporated into our mailing box designs to give your products extra protection, they work just like a crumple zone in a car – the mailing box is designed so that if the box is dropped, the box buffer takes the impact instead of the contents

    Printed Mailing Boxes and Your Brand

    1. Custom printed mailing boxes are perfect for a professional look and feel – there are options for most budgets from 1 or 2 colour screen or flexo print, to full colour litho or digital print
    2. Double-sided printing – printing both the inside and outside of your box can be both luxurious and fun for the recipient when the box is opened, but it does add to cost so make sure you specify it when requesting your quote
    3. Plain mailing boxes – sometimes you don’t want to advertise the contents of your box for reasons of security or discretion
      Budget options – when printing directly to the box is not within budget, you might prefer an unprinted mailing box to which you could apply labels
    4. Brown mailing boxes or white mailing boxes? The base colour of the cardboard can speak volumes about your business. Brown mailing boxes give the impression of strong environmental values and craft, ideal for handmade or artisan products. On the other hand, white mailing boxes are a fantastic base for colourful graphics, with a clean and professional finish

    >>Plain brown boxes and printed white boxes give different first impressions of your business

    >>Cardboard custom mailing boxes should be quick and easy to assemble like this variant of a FEFCO 0427 style box

    Storage, Assembly and Fastening

    1. Mailing boxes are generally supplied flat for easy storage. Storing your boxes at your premises may be a problem if space is at a premium. Consider ordering smaller quantities of your custom mailing boxes more frequently, or order a higher quantity and allow us to store your boxes for you. Our storage rates are very competitive and we’re highly responsive, so we could be an effective part of your supply chain, giving you more time to get on with running your business.
    2. Speed of mailing box assembly can vary greatly from design to design. For larger quantities this is obviously going to be an important factor in keeping your labour costs as low as possible – speak to us for advice
    3. Fastening strength – there are a few ways to seal a box including integrated cardboard locks in the design of the mailing boxes, tape and glue. We can even offer tamperproof cardboard lock designs

    In summary, you should select custom mailing boxes which suit the contents of your parcel. The cardboard mailing box design should protect the enclosed items from damage and be fastened securely to avoid them coming lose in transit. Carefully choosing the correct mailing boxes will help to reduce your business costs in terms of assembly, packing time, postage costs, breakages and loss of your reputation. Getting it right can create a great impression of your company.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I buy custom mailing boxes?

    1. Measure the contents of the box and consider the delivery date required
    2. Speak to one of our friendly sales advisors who will help choose a style and production process to suit your requirements – click here to contact us
    3. We’ll send a quote to you by email
    4. Order your new mailing boxes, supply the artwork and we’ll send a proof before proceeding to print and cut your custom printed packaging
    5. We’ll deliver your mailing boxes to you within the agreed lead time

    Where can I find a printed mailing box manufacturer in the UK?

    WH Skinner is a specialist in producing custom printed packaging so we’re the ideal choice for your new mailing boxes. As a mailing box manufacturer near London, we are placed to serve the South East and the whole of England. We are a mailing box manufacturer in the UK with good links to the M20, M2, M26 and M25 area.

    What are popular universal mailing box sizes?

    You can minimise your postal costs by making sure your mailing box conforms to the external sizes below (sizes correct at time of writing). Always check maximum dimensions and weights with your courier of choice directly, as we cannot be held accountable for additional postage costs.

    • Royal Mail Large Letter – Max dimensions 353mm x 250mm x 25mm – Max weight 750g
    • Royal Mail Small Parcel – Max dimensions 450mm x 350mm x 160mm – Max weight 2kg
    • Royal Mail Medium Parcel – Max dimensions 610mm x 460mm x 460mm – Max weight 20kg