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Custom Mailing Boxes

We design and manufacture custom mailing boxes for products to be sent by post which suit the contents of your parcel. Custom mailing box designs should protect the enclosed items from damage. Carefully choosing the correct boxes will help to reduce your business costs in terms of assembly, packing time, postage costs, breakages and loss of your reputation.

How to Order the Correct Custom Mailing Boxes

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More about Mailing Boxes and Postal Boxes

Printed Postal Boxes

Our extensive range of production equipment means we are set up for short to long production runs of printed postal boxes. We can offer FEFCO box styles for your printed postal boxes, or something more unique. We are able to print digitally for shorter runs, screen for medium runs – litho or flexo printing are more economical printing options for longer runs.

Universal Mailing Boxes

Designing your custom printed mailing boxes to fit the maximum allowable sizes for Royal Mail’s standards will mean you have maximum flexibility with minimum postal cost. Make sure your custom boxes conform to Royal Mail sizes (opens in a new tab).

Corrugated Cardboard Postable Boxes

Corrugated cardboard has an excellent strength to weight ratio, making it the perfect material for postable boxes. Corrugated cardboard postable boxes are both crush and impact resistant, protecting your box contents extremely well. Corrugated cardboard is easily recyclable, making it environmentally friendly and easy for your customer to dispose of.