Environmental awareness has been at the heart of our company ethos from the very beginning.

As part of the paper packaging industry, which has had an excellent reputation for recycling and fantastic environmental credentials for decades, WH Skinner has always strived to do even more. Read on to learn more about how we can help you with packaging that won’t cost the Earth.

Sustainable Production Facilities
  • We use our advanced software to help our production planners minimise the amount of waste and off cuts from every job
  • All of our cardboard waste is always recycled
  • Our solar PV panels provide over 70% of our electricity
  • All light fittings are low-energy units
  • All heating is provided by our zero carbon biomass system using only fuel from sustainable sources
  • Our bespoke packaging means less waste and packing material used by customers
Environmentally Friendly Logistics
  • Everything is designed and produced on site
  • Transportation emissions are kept to a minimum as cardboard is light weight and our products are usually delivered flat-packed
Green Products
  • Our corrugated products are typically made up of at least 75% recycled paper
  • Cardboard inserts are not only smart and functional but mean customers can fully recycle all packing material easily
Handle Box - Box with Handle

WH Skinner is pleased to offer FSC® certified bespoke packaging and point of sale materials upon request. Please notify us prior to quoting if you require FSC certified products.

Our chain of custody code is NC-COC-026801. Our licence number is C134890.

The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) runs a responsible forest certification system.
FSC certification supports good forest management where the health and safety of forest workers is secured and where precious forest wildlife is well looked after. For more information visit http://www.fsc-uk.org

About Corrugated Cardboard and the Environment

Our production planners and designers minimise the amount of waste and off cuts from every job. Just a little extra effort and planning can make significant cost savings for you but this is great for the environment too. All our waste board is returned to the paper makers for recycling into more corrugated cardboard.

All the board we buy has a varying degree of recycled paper in it. With low to medium strength packaging requirements we choose boards that contain higher percentages of recycled fibres. Where we have high strength requirements and for weight bearing purposes the blend will have a slightly larger percentage of virgin pulp (kraft) in the board because virgin fibres are stronger.

Want to know more about our environmental credentials?


These files are available as downloads for you to read, save for your reference or send on to your colleagues and customers. If you have a question which isn’t answered here, please let us know!

We Are Green
“Selecting cardboard materials for your packaging, point-of-sale displays, exhibition stands and special projects can all help you show your customers that you care about being environmentally responsible too…”

Corrugated Cardboard Recycling and Landfill Prevention
“In the UK, more than 80% of all corrugated cardboard boxes are recycled, giving the corrugated industry the best recycling rate of all packaging materials. This impressive recycling rate saves an area of board the size of Greater London from land! ll every four months…”

Paper and the Forest
“Since the 1950s, UK papermakers have steadily increased their use of recovered paper so that it now accounts for more than 70% of the raw material used to make paper in the UK. This makes good environmental and economic sense in the densely populated, but underforested, UK…”

FEFCO Lets Take A Look Inside Corrugated Packaging
“Corrugated packaging protects more resources than it uses. Our packaging is renewable, which is good news for everyone…”

The Case For Corrugated
“Corrugated boxes are made from a high percentage of recycled paper and board (recovered fibre). On average, UK manufactured corrugated boxes contain 76% recycled fibre which can be material from old corrugated boxes, cartons or newspapers…”

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