Wide Format Printing

We offer a wide format printing service to all kinds of businesses, charities and institutions throughout the UK and Europe. Our extensive range of manufacturing equipment means that our services include

  • wide format digital printing
  • wide format screen printing
  • wide format flexographic printing
  • wide format lithographic printing

WH Skinner are known for delivering high quality results with good colour reproduction, and a quick turn-around for urgent jobs. Together with our approachable sales team and excellent customer service, our wide format printing service is a winning formula which turns our demanding customers into loyal regulars. You can supply your own media for printing, or we can supply. Either way, it’s worth checking our artwork requirements here to ensure the best results.

WH-Skinner Zund Cutting Creasing Routing

Wide Format Print and Cut

Because we work in the packaging and point of sale industry, we have several methods of cutting your printed job. We operate a Zünd and a Kongsberg which are digital cutting tables, these machines quickly cut straight lines and curves – in any shape or size. These machines also have the capacity to cut and score with a knife and crease soft materials with a crease wheel and route more rigid materials. Digital cutting is ideal for short to medium production runs. For longer production runs we recommend platen or die cutting. We run 3 manual platens in different sizes so we’re able to cut your wide format printing quickly and efficiently. Read more about our custom cutting services here.

Wide Format Digital Printing

We have invested in the best wide format digital printing technology; you’ll be amazed at the near-offset print quality we can achieve with our digital printer.

Our Swiss Q Print Nyala 3 wide format digital printer has a huge flat bed for printing large sheets of material.

The bed measures 3.2m x 2m which suits most large sheet materials. We are able to print many smaller sheets at once, or one or two large sheets.

NOW Gallery Exhibition Harmonics in Space Light Effects Cardboard Shapes Constellation of Shapes
wide format printing service swiss q print nyala

White Ink and Gloss Varnish

In addition to CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) our wide format digital printer has white ink and varnish.

White ink is great for printing onto dark substrates; it looks really stylish and can be specified in 1, 2 or 3 passes for different density of colour – whether you want a rustic, eco-friendly look or full coverage.

Varnish improves the vibrancy of the ink colours, adds durability and glossy, premium appearance – we can print matt or gloss varnish on our digital printer and we can flood the whole sheet or highlight areas of your artwork with a spot varnish.

Other Services we offer:

Concept Design

• 2D and 3D visuals
• Creative approach to design and material selection
• A finished, practical, workable design within your budget

CAD and Cardboard Engineering

CAD & Cardboard Engineering

• Qualified design team with decades of experience
• Industry leading software for speed and efficiency
• Quick in-house sampling facility

Art Working & Graphic Design

• All artwork submitted is fully checked and proofed prior to printing
• Graphic design and artwork placement

Digital Printing

•  Great quality finish, long lasting colours
•  Suitable full-colour artworks, including white ink and varnish
•  Fast turn-around times
•  Cost effective for short to medium print runs
•  Print direct to board

Screen Printing

•  Excellent quality finish, lasting colours
•  Ideal for one and two colour artworks
•  Cost effective for medium to long print runs
•  Print direct to board

Corporate Role Play Game Box and Lid

Lithographic Printing

•  Excellent quality finish
•  Suitable for one, two or full-colour artworks
•  Cost effective for long print runs
•  Print direct to board or laminate printed paper to board

Flexo Printed 0201 Outer

Flexographic Printing

•  Packing quality finish
•  Suitable for one and two colour artworks
•  Cost effective for long print runs
•  Print direct to board

Digital / CNC cutting, Creasing,
V-Cutting, Routing

   •  Accurate, computer controlled registration to artwork
•  Suitable for short to medium production runs
•  Cuts corrugated cardboard, structural honeycomb board, solid board, plastics and even metals

Platen & Die Cutting

•  Suitable for medium to long production run
•  Cuts corrugated cardboard, solid board, and some plastics

Slot Cutting & Cardboard Box Conversion

•  Ideal for packing boxes and cartons
•  Suitable for longer production runs
•  Cuts corrugated cardboard

Bespoke Presentation Box with Plastic Handle and Inserts


•  Gloss varnish or matt varnish
•  Spot varnish to highlight a particular area of artwork
•  Flood varnish


•  Lamination of board to board
•  Lamination of decorative materials to board


•  Machine glueing
•  Manual glueing
•  Application of double sided tape

0426 Box With Internal Print

Finishing & Assembling

• Finishing including fixing embellishments, glueing, applying double sided tape
• Assembly of boxes and point of sale
• Packing of boxes and point of sale


• Packing your products into presentation boxes, boxes with inserts
• Packing your products into retail boxes
• Packaging your products into pallet shippers and other retail displays


• Individual / grouped shipping to various delivery addresses
• Outer cartons for shipping boxes and point of sale displays
• Dedicated transport including pallet and parcel carriers


•  On site installation on site of exhibition stands and temporary displays

Wide Format Printers UK

We’re based in Maidstone, Kent. Our UK based wide format printing service is ideal whether you’re in the South East of England or further afield.

Wide Format Printing London

Our factory is just 40 miles from central London. We’re based to best serve the South East of London, Kent, Essex and East Sussex with wide format printing services.

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