More information about the materials used in our point of sale displays, packaging and other products

Whilst the vast majority of our products are made from corrugated cardboard, we also offer a selection of other materials for specific requirements. Along with detailed information about corrugated cardboard, information about our range of other materials is listed below. These are tried and tested materials, which we process in house – converting them from flat sheets to point of sale displays and packaging. We hold excellent stock of some materials, others are on a short lead time. Some of the materials are suitable for large scale projects such as event stands and furniture. Please note this list is not exhaustive, we’re often trying out new materials. If you have any questions, please contact us on 01622 749099 and we’ll be happy to assist you further.

Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard is a sustainable and recyclable material which is both lightweight and when folded in the correct way, extremely strong. Depending on the thickness of the corrugations and finish of the liner board, corrugated card can be elegant, strong, and long lasting. It can have a polished or rustic appearance. Corrugated cardboard can be used for boxes and displays but also furniture, exhibitions, games and art.

Single wall corrugated cardboard such as B or C flute is generally used for outer boxes and cartons. E flute is mainly used for inner containers such as transit boxes, presentation boxes with fitments or smaller countertop displays. F flute is ideal for longer production run prestige jobs as it can be litho printed direct to the board, without the need for lamination of paper, saving costs.

Double wall corrugated cardboard is used where stacking strength is important, or for free standing displays and dump bins, where a lesser board may bulge at the sides. Double wall EB and EE flutes are useful for providing a good printing surface as the outside liner is always on the smaller flute profile.

Benefits of the different types of corrugated cardboard flutes

Single Wall

F FLUTE (0.75mm)

This material offers a good surface for print, is relatively strong and is suitable for direct litho printing, thus creating an excellent retail packaging material.

E FLUTE (1.5mm)

A very popular fine flute commonly used for small packaging, presentation boxes and countertop displays. It gives a good level of crush resistance and better compression strength than solid fibreboard.

B FLUTE (2.5mm)

A widely specified flute profile. For more prestigious appearance and where you need longevity, choose EE flute instead.

C FLUTE (4.5mm)

A larger flute than ‘B’, offering greater compression strength and ideal for brown cartons and simple packing boxes.

Double Wall

EE FLUTE (3mm)

Our most popular flute for prestige displays, and an excellent board for printability, strength and long term performance.

EB FLUTE (4.5mm)

Stronger and thicker than EE flute, EB is a superb board for outer packaging and strong cartons, with the same excellent properties for printability.

BC FLUTE (7.5mm)

When strength and performance is essential, this board is highly recommended. Commonly used for freight pallet bins and very large boxes.

Helpful Terminology

white kraft liner = virgin pulp, white colour
white test liner = recycled pulp, white colour

brown kraft liner = virgin pulp, brown colour
brown test liner = recycled pulp, brown colour

clay coated = clay coating applied to white kraft board for optimum printing surface, smooth touch, and pleasant appearance

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Honeycomb Cardboard (Structural Board)

All the benefits of corrugated cardboard but with the added convenience of rigidity in sheet form. This material is ideal for use in cardboard furniture, exhibition and semi-permanent displays. It can also be used as packing material for fragile items.

Example of display board material used for manufacturing cardboard point of sale displays

Display Board (Cardboard)

Display board is a solid board without corrugations and is generally used for high-end displays, and in places where curves are desired such as elliptical towers or round displays. It is often used as a cladding material, where the strength and rigidity of a display will come from the corrugated cardboard components inside. Display board offers excellent print finish and a long-lasting high quality surface.

Corrugated Plastic

Ideal for use where cardboard is not suitable, UV-stable corrugated plastic can be used outdoors, in wet weather conditions, can be washed clean, and can be printed as usual. Commonly used for displays in garden centres and DIY stores.

Foam Centred Board

Extremely light weight and very rigid, foam board is ideal for hanging display boards. It has a very smooth surface for high print quality.

Foamed PVC

Foamex is a solid plastic sheet material which has excellent longevity. Frequently this material is used for outdoor signage and has a good appearance once printed. Occasionally, Foamex is used for indoor displays where complex and detailed cut-outs reduce the strength of cardboard i.e. standees.

Other Plastics

Predominantly, transparent polypropylene sheeting is used for producing mop trays, which are waterproof trays to fit around the base of a corrugated cardboard display. Once fitted, the floor can be mopped as usual without the need to move the display to a dry area.

Aluminium Dibond

Frequently used for outdoor signage and one of the most durable of materials we can cut using our Zund router. Dibond is a composite material made up of plastic sandwiched between two sheets of coated aluminium.