Cardboard Pallet Boxes, Pallet Wraps and Octabins

  • Cardboard pallet boxes custom made to your exact specification here in the UK
  • Pallet boxes are made from high quality double wall corrugated cardboard, up to 7mm thick
  • You can specify the dimensions of your pallet bin or request bins for standard-sized pallets such as euro pallets and half pallets
  • You can ask for handles or peep holes to be incorporated into the  design of the bin for ease of use

Protect Your Products with Cardboard Pallet Boxes

We create corrugated cardboard pallet boxes for highly demanding applications. Our double walled bins are used for bulk packing and shipping heavy items such as metal and plastic components. With a high strength to weight ratio, they are perfect for export and road and air freight. Corrugated cardboard pallet boxes can also be used for storage, helping keep warehouses organised and protecting products from dust. At WH Skinner, we create pallet bins with holes for storage and transport of farm produce.

A Superior Packaging Solution

Our cardboard pallet boxes have great stacking strength, preventing crushing or other impact damage. Your products will arrive at their destination intact and presentable. As cardboard pallet bins allow you to save space and stack several boxes, you save on costs for storage and transportation.

Cardboard pallet boxes are not only more adaptable than other pallet boxes, they are also reusable, giving you value for your money. Since they are collapsible, they can be easily and neatly stored. Made of at least 75% recycled material, our cardboard pallet boxes have environmental benefits over plastic, wooden, or metal bins. They are easy to dispose of and can be recycled again.

Cardboard Pallet Boxes in the UK

WH Skinner is dedicated to providing all clients with cardboard products that meet their exact specifications. There is more than one style of pallet box to choose from – our friendly sales team will help you choose the best pallet bin design for your application. Get in touch with us on 01622 749099.

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