FSDU is an acronym for Free Standing Display Unit. FSDUs are one of the most flexible and popular styles of point-of-sale display, because they can be placed anywhere in the retail environment. FSDUs work well to convince shoppers to buy products because they disrupt the regular retail shelving in the shop aisles and the eye is naturally drawn to any different and unusual design. FSDUs are frequently used to promote new product launches, special offers, discounts etc. They are also used by household brands at key seasonal times of year to push additional sales.

Cardboard FSDUs

We design and make cardboard FSDUs in all shapes and sizes because everything we manufacture is customised to suit your brand and your products. We take measurements from your products to ensure a perfect fit, and can make recommendations on how to display your merchandise within your budget. Our cardboard FSDUs are environmentally friendly because the board we use is made up of recycled cardboard – furthermore the FSDUs can be recycled once finished with. Most of our FSDU designs are completely plastic free – just let us know if you prefer a plastic free design.

FSDU Units

FSDU units maximise awareness of in-store promotions, therefore they increase sales. This is great scenario for both the retailer and the product manufacturer. Therefore, many retailers are happy to make room on the shop floor for FSDU units. In general, we ship FSDU units flat on a pallet. They are quick and easy to assemble on the shop floor and can be filled directly with your products. We also offer assembly and fulfilment options on our FSDUs, meaning we can assemble your FSDU and pack it with your products, before packing it all into an outer and shipping it directly to the store. Please note we generally design FSDUs to be much stronger if they will be stocked during transit.

FSDU Design

We are specialists in FSDU design. We custom design every display to suit your brief. If you’re not sure what you need we can offer advice and “hand-holding” through the design process. We always listen to you, your requirements and budget rather than giving you the hard sell and we’ll never give you an FSDU design which is unworkable.

FSDU Display Units

FSDU display units can be designed to hold many different items. We can design FSDUs to hold books, magazines, CDs and DVDs etc. in a pocket design. The dividers keep everything neatly organised and easy to replenish. FSDU display units with shelves are a multi-purpose design which will hold most products. FSDU display units for bottles containing liquids are heavy and usually require additional strength – this is not a problem for us – we can add to the FSDU design to make it stronger.

FSDU Manufacturers UK

We are FSDU manufacturers in the UK. Our sales team, design team and production team are all based on the same production facilities in Maidstone, Kent. We are just 30 minutes from London and ideally placed for export to mainland Europe via Dover.

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