Xicato Frankfurt Lighting Cardboard Exhibition Stand

Bespoke Cardboard Exhibition Stand

WH Skinner were asked to design and manufacture a bespoke cardboard exhibition stand for the international lighting company Xicato who were exhibiting at an exhibition in Frankfurt. We had previously produced a successful cardboard exhibition stand for this company at a Madrid trade show earlier in the year and we were pleased to undertake this interesting and ambitious project.

Media Attention

The pioneering cardboard design used in this exhibition stand has ensured that Xicato’s story was picked up by most of the industry journalists; in fact the brand is still being talked about in the media long after the Frankfurt show.

Work Process

W.H. Skinner’s involvement spanned several months from the initial cardboard engineering design, cardboard prototype production, full scale production, delivery to Frankfurt and installation on site.  The stand was to have a floor area of 140 square metres consisting of several cardboard rooms located in a stand-alone building rather than in an exhibition hall.


Honeycomb cardboard was the material of choice for the walls, ceiling and structural elements of the cardboard design; rigid and robust, it has great strength to weight ratio and its smooth surface is perfectly suited to direct printing. Corrugated cardboard was also incorporated by means of the cardboard furniture and decoration. A cardboard storage table complete with drawers and electrical plug sockets provided a useful space for work, with a shelving unit for storage and a display of lighting components. We also made several cardboard trees that were used for a separate evening function.  These were made of honeycomb board and were entirely self supporting.


The stand separates product (work) and entertaining (play) areas by including a staffed bar and cardboard seating zone.  The client’s branding provides a colourful background showing the lighting to full effect, thus emphasising their approach to lighting and knowledge of their market.

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