Protective Packaging and Corrugated Packaging

Custom Protective Packaging

Innovative structural custom protective packaging designs with bespoke inserts to hold your product are a must to ensure your products arrive in the same perfect condition in which they left your warehouse. Our experienced design team will create strong packaging solutions, tailored to your products and brief. Custom protective packaging will, if designed well, be quick to assemble, protect your product and make the opening experience quick and easy for your customers.

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    More About Protective Packaging and Corrugated Packaging

    Protective Packaging Manufacturers in the UK

    If you have been affected by quality control problems and late deliveries when purchasing from abroad, as protective packaging manufacturers in the UK we can work with you to create custom designed packaging which exceeds your expectations. We’re also able to help in terms of distribution – ensuring your protective packaging fits pallet sizes, lorry sizes or even container sizes. Our decades of experience in cardboard conversion processes and our in-house production facilities mean we’ll always recommend the right manufacturing processes and best materials for your individual requirements.

    Corrugated Cardboard Protective Packaging

    Corrugated cardboard, with its high strength to weight ratio, really is the material of choice for packaging in most applications. Corrugated cardboard protective packaging designed well is both crush and impact resistant. Corrugated cardboard dividers offer protection when there are multiple products in the outer, while buffers can be integrated to provide extra strength and impact proof the corners.

    Environmentally Friendly Packaging

    80% of all corrugated cardboard boxes are recycled; this impressive statistic means the corrugated industry has the best recycling rate of all packaging materials. This is partly due to how easy it is to recycle – your end customer will appreciate the ease of disposing of corrugated cardboard packaging, as well as the reduced impact on the environment when compared with plastics such as bubble wrap, foam inserts or polystyrene inserts.