Strong Cardboard Boxes

  • We design and manufacture custom sized strong cardboard boxes for your demanding packaging requirements
  • Strong cardboard boxes will protect your product from crushing and/or impact; at the same time ensuring good stacking strength
  • Our heavy duty cardboard boxes are made from high quality double wall corrugated cardboard for extra strength
  • Depending on your requirements, handles and inserts can be incorporated into strong cardboard boxes for added strength and easier handling

Very Strong Cardboard Boxes

Corrugated cardboard has an extremely high strength to weight ratio, so it is the perfect material for very strong packaging boxes. Corrugated cardboard boxes, when well designed are both crush and impact resistant, protecting your products. The best very strong cardboard boxes incorporate robust corners for stacking strength; ensuring weight stacked above does not crush items lower on the pallet. They are made from double wall corrugated cardboard, between 3 and 7mm thick depending on your requirements.

Strong Cardboard Boxes with Lids

Because all our strong cardboard boxes are custom made to order, you are free to choose your own specification. You can choose the size, shape, FEFCO box style and colour of your box. If you want, you can choose and integrated lid, or a seperate lid. If you’re not sure what you need, our sales team and cardboard box designers will select the best material, box style and make individual recommendations for your product.

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We work with all types of businesses from
start-ups to multi-nationals.

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    Large Strong Cardboard Boxes

    Our unique mix of production equipment means we are set up for short to long production runs of large and strong, over-sized boxes and unusual size boxes. We can offer FEFCO box styles in very large sizes, in general each box face/side is limited only by the maximum sheet size available of the cardboard material – multiple faces/sides can be glued together to produce extra large boxes and cartons.

    Custom Pallet Boxes

    Custom pallet boxes can be used as an economical and more environmentally friendly alternative to heavy and expensive wooden freight boxes. Corrugated cardboard is generally less expensive than wood, uses less energy to convert to boxes, and less energy to transport, especially making a difference for air freighting in terms of emissions and financial cost.

    Strong Cardboard Boxes UK

    Our heavy duty cardboard boxes are made here in the UK, in-house on our own premises. We are based in Maidstone, Kent for your strong cardboard box requirements in London, the South East and throughout the UK. We export to Ireland and the rest of the EU.