Perforated Transit Boxes

The addition of perforations to shelf ready packaging makes these versatile boxes super quick and easy to open on the shop floor. Perforated shelf ready transit boxes are hugely popular for fast moving stock which needs to be replenished often. Supermarket products are routinely packaged this way – the lids are simply and quickly torn from the base of the box, leaving your products neatly organised on the shelf with the addition of a tray front with your branding visible to the customer.

Key Features for Perforated Transit Boxes

Durability and Strength

Made from high-quality corrugated cardboard, WH Skinner’s Perforated Transit Boxes are built to withstand the rigors of shipping. They provide excellent protection for goods, ensuring that items reach their destination in pristine condition.

Perforation Design

The unique perforated design of these boxes allows for easy customization. Users can tear along the perforations to create openings or adjust the box size according to the specific requirements of their products. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses that handle a variety of items with different dimensions.


These boxes are suitable for a wide range of applications, including retail, e-commerce, and industrial shipping. Whether you are shipping fragile items, electronics, clothing, or food products, Perforated Transit Boxes can be tailored to fit your needs.

Ease of Use

The perforated sections make these boxes incredibly user-friendly. They can be assembled quickly and easily, saving valuable time in the packing process. Additionally, the perforations allow for effortless access to the contents, enhancing the unboxing experience for end customers.


WH Skinner is committed to sustainability. Their Perforated Transit Boxes are made from recyclable materials, contributing to reduced environmental impact. By choosing these boxes, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Benefits for Businesses

  • Cost-Effective
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Versatile Inventory Management

WH Skinner’s Perforated Transit Boxes offer a smart, adaptable, and eco-friendly solution for modern packaging needs. Their durability, ease of use, and customisable features make them an ideal choice for businesses looking to enhance their shipping efficiency and improve the customer experience.

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    Our Materials

    Single Wall and Double Wall Flutes

    Corrugated cardboard is a sustainable and recyclable material which is both lightweight and extremely strong. Depending on the thickness of the corrugations and finish of the liner board, corrugated card can be elegant, strong, and long lasting.

    This cardboard can be used for boxes and displays but also furniture, exhibitions, games and art.

    E flute is mainly used for inner containers, presentation boxes and smaller countertop displays.

    Double wall cardboard such as EE or EB is used where box strength is important, or for free standing displays and dump bins.

    Single wall cardboard such as B or C flute is generally reserved for economical outer boxes and cartons. BC flute is used for more demanding applications.

    Corrugated Cardboard

    All the benefits of corrugated cardboard but with the added convenience of rigidity in sheet form. This material is ideal for use in cardboard furniture, exhibition and semi-permanent displays. It can also be used as packing material for fragile items.

    Structural Board Protective Cardboard

    Display board is a solid board without corrugations and is generally used for high-end displays, and in places where curves are desired such as elliptical towers or round displays.

    It is often used as a cladding material, where the strength and rigidity of a display will come from the cardboard components inside. Display board offers excellent print finish and a long-lasting high quality surface.

    Display Cardboard

    Ideal for use where cardboard is not suitable, UV-stable Correx can be used outdoors, in wet weather conditions, can be washed clean, and can be printed as usual. Commonly used for displays in garden centres and DIY stores.

    Correx Cardboard

    Extremely light weight and very rigid, foam board is ideal for hanging display boards. It has a very smooth surface for high print quality. 

    Foam Centred Board

    Foamex is a solid plastic sheet material which has excellent longevity. Frequently this material is used for outdoor signage and has a good appearance once printed. Occasionally, Foamex is used for indoor displays where complex and detailed cut-outs reduce the strength of cardboard i.e. standees.


    Predominantly, transparent polypropylene sheeting is used for producing mop trays, which are waterproof trays to fit around the base of a cardboard display.

    Once fitted, the floor can be mopped as usual without the need to move the display to a dry area.

    Other Plastics