Point of Sale Designers & Consultancy

WH Skinner offers a comprehensive point of sale design service, whether you want your pos displays manufactured in the UK or abroad. Our point of sale designers are creative and qualified, with decades of experience in the design industry which is backed up by technical manufacturing knowledge which you won’t find at a regular design agency.

Corrugated Cardboard Retail Packaging
Custom Retail Box with Custom Inserts Closed
Protective Bottle Box For Glass Bottles With Handles
Protective Bottle Box For Glass Bottles

POP & POS Designers

  • Designing custom point of sale displays to maximise your brand awareness and increase your sales impact.
  • Our point of sale designers will offer a display with the right longevity for your product – whether you’re looking for a temporary disposable display design, or something semi-permanent.
  • We provide point of purchase displays for your company’s individual needs. Are you using the right materials for your displays? Should you be considering a greener option or would your brand benefit from a point of sale display design with a superior, luxury feel?
  • Have you had a retail display design produced before that was a bad fit, low quality finish, or insufficiently strong? We can improve your current designs so that they assemble easily, fit perfectly and last longer.