Cardboard Cutting Shapes and Custom Sizes

WH Skinner can cut cardboard and printed sheets to any shape or size within reason.

If you have the knowledge and software you can provide the cutting path and we will do the cutting.

Alternatively, we can draw the cutting path for you and provide you with a proof or digitally cut sample before processing the job. When drawing your cutting path or contour, remember to take into account the strength of the material left behind, and ensuring the path is not overly complex for the material and size of the cutting knife. We will be happy to offer advice in this regard upon receipt of your files.

WH-Skinner Zund Cutting Creasing Routing
Laminated Letters

Cardboard Cutting Service

We offer a cardboard cutting service to other printers, manufacturers and sign makers in the UK. You can send us your printed sheets, and we can process the job on one of our wide format cutting tables or die cut them on one of our manual platens. Whether you have taken on a job which is too large for your equipment, too tight a deadline, or you’ve suffered a breakdown at a critical time, we can help you with our cardboard cutting service.

Accurate Cardboard Cutting

Our wide format Zünd cutting table automatically registers to your print, so cutting and creasing will be super-precise. Our cutting machine operators are fully trained with plenty of experience, delivering high quality results. That means creases at the correct depth for the material and ease of assembly, and cuts without tearing or ripped edges..

Cardboard Cutting Experts

We have over a decade of experience working with corrugated cardboard – it’s our favourite material.

However, we can also work with display board and folding box board (FBB). We have several manual platens of different shape and size for die cutting and creasing cardboard.

Our platen operators are highly skilled in setting up each job, and quick and efficient during processing.

If you have a cutting path we will arrange the tooling and cut your printed sheets quickly using our platen machines.

Cardboard Product Holder Insert For Cosmetics Bag

Other Services we offer:

Cutting File Types We Can Work With:

DXF – a CAD data file format developed by Autodesk for enabling data exchange between AutoCAD and other programs.
CF2 – a CAD file saved in an open format, which may be recognised by multiple hardware devices and software programs.
PDF –  a vector drawing of lines, curves or other shapes which we can import into our Kasemake software.

Printing File Types:

If you are supplying artwork to be printed please download our artworking guide. If you’re printing and supplying us with printed sheets to be cut, you’ll need to know about our bleed requirements. You’ll find everything you need to know here:
Artwork Guidelines and Other Helpful Info

Waste Material & Offcuts

Disposal of offcuts and waste material is usually subject to additional charge. Please discuss with us at time of quoting.

Cutting and Creasing Tools

Our most frequently used Zund tools are listed below, however we also have a Kongsberg cutting table. The list is not exhaustive, please get in touch if you have any other questions.

  • Universal Cutting Tool (UCT) – a drag knife for cutting materials up to 5mm thick
  • Electric Oscilating Tool (EOT) – a high frequency oscillating tool for soft and medium-density materials
  • Electric Oscillating Tool 250 (EOT250) – a powerful tool with high-performance electric drive for processing thicker and harder materials
  • Pneumatic Oscillating Tool (POT) – a powerful oscillating tool with extended stroke for cutting tough, dense and thicker materials
  • V-Cut Tool (VCT) – a tool with 7 different cutting angles capable of producing complex structural designs from foamcore, honeycomb and other display materials and wall coverings such as acoustic felt
  • Creasing Tool Type 1 (CTT1) – a creasing tool suitable for single and double wall cardboard, with a adjustable pressure settings
  • Creasing Tool Type 2 (CTT2) – a creasing tool suitable for thinner materials such as carton, folding box board (FBB), polypropylene, transparent plastics
  • Universal Routing Tool