Presentation box designs that
also protect your products

Our design team specialise in creating customised presentation boxes
we have the experience to present your box contents beautifully every time
in a way which helps prevent damage in the hands of the couriers.

Minimum project budget
of just £750.00

We work with all types of businesses from start-ups to multi-nationals
and our unique blend of manufacturing equipment suits
short, medium and long production runs.

We’ve just doubled our
digital cutting capacity

We now have two Zünd digital cutting machines working in parallel,
offering CNC cutting, creasing, v-cutting and routing for
short to medium production runs.

Retail packaging that feels good
for you and your customers

Plastic-free, environmentally friendly retail packaging
made from recycled and recyclable cardboard shows
your customers how much you care.

Custom sized corrugated cardboard
boxes and printed packaging

Your choice of shape, size and colour. Single or double-wall corrugated
cardboard. Short, medium or long production runs. Everything we make
is completely customised to your requirements.

Introducing our
newest team member

Meet the energy efficient Swiss Q Nyala 3 Digital Printer, offering
excellent print quality, white ink and varnish to add a
significant edge to your printed projects.

If you’re looking for a UK-based design and manufacturing team to work with for your next corrugated cardboard project – you’ve found us.

From your initial enquiry through the order process to delivery day and beyond, you will be confident that your order is being handled by a team with decades of industry experience, operating strict quality control processes and keeping you informed throughout.

A winning combination of industry-leading software, capable design department and experienced manufacturing team will translate your concept or ideas into a reality exceeding your expectations.

Whether you’re new to the industry or looking for something new, a short chat on the phone with our friendly customer service team will help you with your ideas for your printed cardboard boxes and point of sale. If you’re sourcing printed packaging, cardboard display stands, or something bigger such as an exhibition stand, our investment in design and manufacturing technology ensures we’re continuously pushing the envelope in cardboard engineering design terms. That said, if you’re looking for a run of custom-size brown boxes our design and production facility is set up to serve your requirements just as well.

Cardboard Displays and Point-Of-Sale Units

Point of Sale Displays

Point of sale displays maximise the visibility of your products in a competitive retail space, meaning your products are impossible to miss. You will notice a significant increase in interest and sales of your products and services when you invest in quality point of sale displays. From small shelf-ready displays to FSDUs, standees and CDUs there are many types of point of sale display – many of our previous designs are showcased in our portfolio.

Cardboard Display Stands

Our popular cardboard displays can be designed in any shape, any size and any colour combination you like. Cardboard display stands are made from corrugated cardboard, which is a sustainable material made from recycled paper and can be easily recycled. Printed cardboard display stands are a lower cost option compared with plastic, wood and metal. Cardboard displays are lightweight and easy to assemble.

Cardboard Packaging and Printed Boxes

Boxes and Packaging

Strong and stylish, corrugated cardboard packaging is suitable for many applications – from protecting large and heavy items in transit to presenting smaller items beautifully in a presentation box. We commonly go far beyond standard designs – using our decades of experience and qualified designers to deliver smart packaging solutions which fit your products and budget perfectly. Our online portfolio shows some of our previous designs.

Box Printers

We design and print cardboard boxes for all of your printed packaging requirements. As box printers in the South East, we supply printed boxes all over the UK and Europe. We have quick turn-around times on printed packaging, and you’ll be impressed by the speed of service and quality of our printed boxes.

Cardboard Box Designers

You can choose any size, any shape and any colour on your custom printed boxes. Our skilled box designers will analyse your requirements and provide you with the very best box and packaging designs.

Large Scale Cardboard Engineering

Click a category to see more examples of our past work

Exhibitions and Large Scale Displays

Cardboard may not be the first material you think of when it comes to large displays and exhibition stands, but there are many benefits. We design large, lightweight, flat-packable displays, stands and structures which are dynamic, dramatic and completely unexpected. Furthermore, once your event is over, cardboard components are easily recyclable. Click here to see more.

Furniture and Product Design

Cardboard furniture and other cardboard products are excellent for temporary use, for exhibitions, galleries and for pop-up events. Cardboard furniture and other cardboard products can be made from white or brown board. They can be easily printed to showcase your branding, colour matched to your corporate colours, or the official colours of the event.

Cardboard engineering on a large scale – the full service from concept creation to manufacture and installation.

From window displays to contemporary art installations, and university shows, our cardboard engineers will take on any challenge.

From custom cardboard engineered chairs and tables to lighting, we’ve manufactured all kinds of products from cardboard.

On time,
every time

Your delivery schedule is important to us, too.


We use recycled and recyclable materials.


On a tight schedule? Call to see what we can do!


Great designs, strong board, excellent printing.


Choose your own shape, size, colour, style!


Learn more about our corrugated cardboard.