Printing Cardboard

We’re specialists in printing cardboard. It’s what we do all day, every day. We have invested in the best technologies for wide format printing onto cardboard. We have various methods to print directly to cardboard;

  • digital printing onto cardboard
  • screen printing onto cardboard
  • flexographic printing onto cardboard
  • lithographic printing onto cardboard

Best Quality

We deliver high quality results with excellent colour reproduction. For urgent jobs, speak to us about our turn-around times. You may be surprised how quickly we can deliver printed cardboard sheets. Our knowledge, print quality and approachable sales team and excellent customer service ensures our demanding customers return time and time again. You can supply your own cardboard for printing, or we can supply the board. Either way, read our artwork requirements here to ensure the best results.

Printing onto Cardboard

Printing onto cardboard is a fantastic method to add colour, branding, logos etc. to a simple but strong material. Cardboard is our favourite material and you can read more about it here. Cardboard’s eco-friendly properties make it a consumer favourite, too, as it’s so easy to recycle. Corrugated cardboard is available from the paper mill in white or brown. When we print onto cardboard, it can be any colour you like. White cardboard makes colours pop and is ideal for full colour printing and a high-end look. Brown board though can be stylish and looks great with a strong one or two colour print. Naturally brown board can be printed full colour but we usually recommend white ink under the CMY colours, so that the colours remain vibrant like they appear on screen, but it really depends what look you’re going for.

Cardboard Printing Services

Both you and your customers will be delighted with our cardboard printing services. Superb quality print, cut and creased if required, neatly and safely packed, delivered on schedule. Whether you want cardboard signs, standees, other promotional material or packaging, we have the knowledge and machinery in house to deliver fantastic results. Because everything we make is completely customised, you can have whatever you like, subject to the minimum order value. Our in-house design team work on all kinds of projects, from small packaging to large self-supporting structures such as exhibition stands and displays. When you use our cardboard printing services, you really can have anything you like. Have a look at some of our previous projects:

Why Choose WH Skinner?

Proactive – we’ll offer you advice if you need it, and always tell you quickly if there are any problems at any stage of the process

Responsive – we get straight to work on the quote and the job if you need something urgently

Flexible – our production team run extended hours through the week and weekend to ensure deadlines are met

Approachable – our sales team are super friendly and helpful, ensuring you’ll want to work with us again and again

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    Printing on Thick Cardboard

    Our digital printer is huge and the flat bed measures 3.2m x 2m. So it’s perfect for printing large sheets and thick cardboard sheets up to 50mm, as our print head clearance is 50mm. We use our digital printer for printing on thick cardboard all day, every day – usually for thicknesses between 1.5mm to 7mm. However we also use it for 10mm, 16mm and 18mm thick structural/Falcon/Honeycomb board. We can also screen print and flexo print thick cardboard for a different look.  Furthermore, we cut and crease thick cardboard once it is printed, with a truly customised service, whether you’re looking for packaging or display.

    Swiss Q Print wide format digital printer
    Zund cutting creasing and routing machine in South East in Maidstone Kent

    Cardboard Printing and Cutting

    As a manufacturer of packaging and point of sale materials, with years of experience, we know cardboard – trust us with your cardboard printing and cutting jobs. We offer a range of corrugated cardboard sheets in stock, of different thicknesses and sizes. For example, we offer F flute, E flute, B flute, C flute, EE flute, EB flute and BC flute corrugated board. We print directly to the board and cut accurately to register with the print. For shorter production runs we use our Zünd cutting table with drag knives and oscillating knives to cut cardboard and crease wheels of varying thicknesses to crease the board and make it fold easily and accurately. For longer production runs we use die cutting, we make a set tool from CAD drawings – it’s a really quick way of cutting multiple copies.

    Cardboard Printers UK

    WH Skinner are based in Maidstone, Kent. Our cardboard printing UK service is ideal whether you’re in the South East of England or anywhere in the UK. Click here to find us on a map. We also export throughout Europe. You can trust us as cardboard printers in the UK to deliver high quality printed cardboard sheets.

    Other Services we Offer:

    Concept Design
    • 2D and 3D visuals
    • Creative approach to design and material selection
    • A finished, practical, workable design within your budget

    Cardboard concept design 3D visual

    CAD & Cardboard Engineering
    • Qualified design team with decades of experience
    • Industry leading software for speed and efficiency
    • Quick in-house sampling facility

    Cardboard Engineering UK

    Art Working & Graphic Design
    • All artwork submitted is fully checked and proofed prior to printing
    • Graphic design and artwork placement

    Artworker Graphic Design Packaging Maidstone UK

    Digital Printing
    •  Great quality finish, long lasting colours
    •  Suitable full-colour artworks, including white ink and varnish
    •  Fast turn-around times
    •  Cost effective for short to medium print runs
    •  Print direct to board

    Screen Printing
    •  Excellent quality finish, lasting colours
    •  Ideal for one and two colour artworks
    •  Cost effective for medium to long print runs
    •  Print direct to board

    Lithographic Printing
    •  Excellent quality finish
    •  Suitable for one, two or full-colour artworks
    •  Cost effective for long print runs
    •  Print direct to board or laminate printed paper to board

    Flexographic Printing
    •  Packing quality finish
    •  Suitable for one and two colour artworks
    •  Cost effective for long print runs
    •  Print direct to board

    Digital / CNC cutting, Creasing,
    V-Cutting, Routing
    •  Accurate, computer controlled registration to artwork
    •  Suitable for short to medium production runs
    •  Cuts corrugated cardboard, structural honeycomb board, solid board, plastics and even metals

    Zund cutter Maidstone UK manufacturing services

    Platen & Die Cutting
    • Accurate registration to artwork
    •  Suitable for medium to long production run
    •  Cuts corrugated cardboard, solid board, and some plastics

    Removing cardboard die cut from platen forme

    Slot Cutting & Cardboard Box Conversion
    • Ideal for packing boxes and cartons
    • Suitable for longer production runs
    • Cuts corrugated cardboard

    Flexo printing and slot cutting machine for cardboard packaging in Maidstone, Kent

    •  Gloss varnish or matt varnish
    •  Spot varnish to highlight a particular area of artwork
    •  Flood varnish

    •  Lamination of board to board
    •  Lamination of decorative materials to board

    •  Machine gluing
    •  Manual gluing
    •  Application of double sided tape

    Giant Christmas tree-topper made from corrugated card board and glitter vinyl

    Finishing & Assembling
    • Finishing including fixing embellishments, gluing, applying double sided tape
    • Assembly of boxes and point of sale
    • Packing of boxes and point of sale

    red printed cardboard counter displays to showcase product samples and document folder

    • Packing your products into presentation boxes, boxes with inserts
    • Packing your products into retail boxes
    • Packging your products into pallet shippers and other retail displays

    Assembled printed boxes filled with products showing WH Skinner's fulfillment service

    • Individual / grouped shipping to various delivery addresses
    • Outer cartons for shipping boxes and point of sale displays
    • Dedicated transport including pallet and parcel carriers

    Printed mailing box manufacturer London

    •  On site installation on site of exhibition stands and temporary displays

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