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From concept to delivery, we design and manufacture retail window displays and other unique installations from a wide range of materials, predominantly corrugated cardboard and honeycomb cardboard. These materials are great for building temporary displays and semi-permanent structures alike. Corrugated cardboard and honeycomb cardboard has a high strength to weight ratio – meaning logistics are far easier – and possible with far fewer staff than more conventional materials.

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    “Our full time production team, with exceptional skill and experience have the ultimate eye for detail, ensuring your finished products will never be second best.”

    Special Project Window Display Christmas Cubes

    Cardboard and honeycomb board are available in base colours of either bright white or brown and can be left unprinted or fully printed with your graphic designs in any colour imaginable – or finished in other ways such as varnish, adhesive embellishments, the limit really is your imagination. For your convenience, cardboard can be easily broken down and is completely recyclable.

    Design-led cardboard window displays

    Our design team have experience in the fields of interior design, product design, graphic design, engineering  and surveying – a broad but complimentary mix of backgrounds which works well in all aspects of what we do. Our team love a challenge, and relish the chance to be creative at every opportunity, whether you bring us a concept or want us to present an idea to you.

    Miwa Artist Cardboard Art Project
    Rocket Special Project Cardboard Inside
    Radley Cardboard Display Unit Special project Shelving
    Geodisic Dome Section Cardboard
    Cardboard Ribbon Window Display2
    Adur and Worthing Council Set of Houses Cardboard Window Display 1
    Adur and Worthing Council Set of Houses Cardboard Window Display
    SPE52292 Adur and Worthing Council Set of Houses Cardboard Window Display
    Rocket Special Project Cardboard

    Retail window displays and the environment

    What happens to your window display when it’s time to replace it? Window displays can be designed to be disassembled and flat packed for re-use again. If there isn’t going to be a next time, cardboard window displays can be put straight out for recycling – easy!

    Window displays in London

    We’re based just outside the M25, in Maidstone, Kent. We’re ideally located for quick and easy deliveries in London and the South East as well as further afield.

    WH Skinner cardboard
    display fulfilment services.

    After receiving delivery, have you thought about what happens next?
    You can choose what you need from the following list:

    Dedicated Customer Service

    Art Working Services

    Qualified and experienced artworkers (human, not bots!) will check your artwork pre- and post- production as standard to ensure the print result will be what you expect. However, our team can also position your graphics, text, branding and assist in making your artwork print-ready.

    Space Saving Palletisation

    Space Saving Palletisation

    Boxes, packaging and displays which we produce are shipped to you flat on a pallet as standard. It makes storage and transportation easier, safer, more environmentally friendly and economical. It’s one of the huge advantages of using corrugated cardboard!

    Assembly Guides

    Assembly Guides

    We always do our best to make assembly as simple and quick as possible for you and your team. However, sometimes some designs do call for multiple parts and several assembly steps. Depending on your requirements, we’ll discuss the best assembly guide for your needs.

    Assembly Services

    Assembly Services

    If you’d rather spend your time and skills on something else, we can assemble or part assemble anything we produce. Just talk to us about your requirements and we’ll be happy to provide you with a quotation.

    Outer Carton Production

    Outer Carton Production

    Ensure you’re prepared for the next step in the logistics process of your items. We can produce outer cartons of all shapes and sizes to perfectly fit and help protect boxes and displays while in the pallet or courier network.

    Complete Fulfillment Services

    Complete Fulfillment Services

    Packing your products into boxes and displays, packing boxes and displays into outers, including assembly instruction leaflets, labelling and collating boxes, delivering direct to multiple addresses – it’s all in a day’s work for our flexible team. Discuss your requirements with us today.

    Wh Skinner Magician - A winning Combination

    A winning combination of industry-leading software, capable design department and experienced manufacturing team will translate your concept of ideas into a reality exceeding your expectations

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    Point of Sale &
    Cardboard Displays

    Point of sale displays enhance the visibility of your products within a competitive retail environment, ensuring they capture attention effectively. Investing in high-quality point of sale displays can lead to a noticeable surge in both interest and sales for your products and services. Our portfolio features a variety of designs, ranging from compact shelf-ready displays to floor-standing display units (FSDUs), standees, and counter display units (CDUs). Explore the diverse options available and discover the impact these displays can make on showcasing your offerings.

    FSDU12798 Large Cardboard Display for Childrens Toys

    Large Scale Cardboard

    While cardboard might not be the initial choice for large displays and exhibition stands, it offers numerous advantages. We specialise in crafting sizeable, lightweight, and flat-packable displays, stands, and structures that exude dynamism, drama, and a touch of the unexpected. Additionally, after your event concludes, cardboard components can be easily recycled.


    Design and
    Manufacturing Services

    While cardboard might not be your immediate choice for large displays and exhibition stands, it boasts numerous advantages. Our designs focus on creating substantial, lightweight, flat-packable displays, stands, and structures that are dynamic, dramatic, and pleasantly surprising. Moreover, once your event concludes, the cardboard components can be easily recycled.

    WH Skinner Zund Cutting Creasing Routing

    Cardboard Packaging and Printed Boxes

    Strong and stylish, corrugated cardboard packaging is suitable for many applications – from protecting large and heavy items in transit to presenting smaller items beautifully in a presentation box. We commonly go far beyond standard designs – using our decades of experience and qualified designers to deliver smart packaging solutions which fit your products and budget perfectly. Our online portfolio shows some of our previous designs.

    PRE31457 Eco Friendly Presentation Boxes

    Environmental Awareness has been at the heart of our company ethos from the very beginning.

    As part of the paper packaging industry, which has had an excellent reputation for recycling and fantastic environmental credentials for decades, WH Skinner has always strived to do even more. Read on to learn more about how we can help you with packaging that won’t cost the Earth.