Helpful Info

Artwork Requirements

Below is a summary of the most important points to check please before artwork is sent to us. Please remember, if you need any help with any aspect of your order just call and we’ll be happy to assist you

  • Outline (convert to curves) text in vector files
  • Separate the artwork from the cutting diagram by keeping them on different layers
  • Artwork should be created as CMYK and not RGB
  • Pantone /CMYK references for spot colours need to be specified if important
  • Bitmap artwork should be supplied at 300 DPI minimum
  • All artwork should either be kept away from cut and crease lines or you should allow a bleed of 5mm over the cut and crease lines
  • Stopping the image exactly on a cut or crease is not acceptable for a good finish

Box Styles

There’s no such thing as a standard box, but fortunately there is an internationally recognised system for naming boxes, so we can be sure we’re all talking about the same box style. You’ll probably find what you’re looking for in our handy guide of the most popular box styles which can be downloaded here. If you know what you want and have dimensions to hand, we’ll be happy to provide you with a quotation. If not, give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and help you make a decision based on your product and budget.

Corrugated cardboard offers much more scope for packaging than simply brown cardboard boxes. Our printed boxes are generally made from clay coated corrugated cardboard, which is white on both sides and has a smooth, premium feel.

Printed boxes have been proven to:

  • Increase sales
  • Improve recognition throughout the supply chain, preventing picking and pricing mistakes for example
  • Educate and inform consumers in the product and brand
  • Protect your products from manufacture to sale and beyond, reducing breakages

Display Styles

You can make a far greater impact with your retail products if they are presented in eye-catching displays; cardboard is the most cost-effective method of doing this by way of point of sale counter displays, display stands, free standing display units, and point-of-sale packaging.

High quality counter top display boxes can really increase sales at point of purchase; well-designed POS display boxes are eye-catching or can be more subtle depending on your target audience and product offering. Floor standing display units offer excellent branding opportunities and enable you to display a wider range of products on a single stand.

Stand out cardboard charity boxes and collection boxes that catch the eye and demand attention will ensure that sales of wristbands, badges, sweets etc. will be maximised bringing much needed funds to the charity concerned.

Keeping Costs Down

Simple advice to keep your cardboard box and cardboard display costs down.

At WH Skinner we know the importance of keeping costs down for our customers, and whenever we see an opportunity to save money we will talk to you about it. The following are just some of the ways that we can help you achieve the best value for your money:

Board grades

Generally the brown board grades are cheaper than the white. If you need white on the outside of your box/display but can accept brown instead of white on the inside then you will make a saving. Have you considered that a rustic style of box or display might fit in well with your marketing strategy? Brown board with carefully chosen printing can look very stylish and particularly eco-friendly whilst saving money too. 


Very often we are asked to quote for boxes that a client is already buying regularly elsewhere. Sometimes we find out that just changing to a different style of box can save on board or manufacturing costs.


When you ask us for a quote, you may choose perhaps 3 quantities such as 500, 1000 and 2000. When we issue your quote we may change the quantities slightly if we think that we can save you some money. We may quote for, say, 600, 1200 and 2000 simply because changing those numbers may just take you over a couple of price breaks and might make a valuable difference. If you want a specific quantity and no more, then just tell us and we will of course accommodate you.

With printed work the quantities typically have a large bearing on the price. When you consider that the setting up of a print job may incur the same cost to print 20 as it would to print 1000, you can see that the unit cost will fall significantly as the quantity increases. Sometimes we do jobs that have 4 components from plain board and one that is printed. In this case, if you wanted 200 finished units it could be cost efficient to have 200 completed but to print extra 200 sheets and store them for next time. This way you could well bring the overall unit cost down quite significantly.

Your distribution process

On many occasions we have saved our clients thousands of pounds without actually reducing the cost of their packaging. The reason for this is that the price of the actual boxes is only part of the total cost of packaging. Other price components include how long does it take to assemble the containers, how easy they are to fill, do they fit the pallets easily, is space being wasted both in your factory and on the trucks, what is the cost of breakages both directly and to your reputation? We are experts at understanding the complete process and helping you to improve efficiency just by choosing your cardboard packaging design very carefully.