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Cardboard Lawn Games

Bespoke Corrugated Cardboard Table

Corrugated Cardboard Table

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    Corrugated cardboard is surprisingly strong. Once the correct thickness and grade is chosen, and crucially when it is folded in the correct way, it’s strength to weight ratio is unsurpassed by traditional furniture materials. Furthermore, in flat sheet form it can be run through a printer – meaning you can have contemporary, custom designed cardboard furniture in whichever colour or graphic design you choose.

    In terms of cardboard product design – we offer our design-only services or a complete manufacturing service. Cardboard is an affordable material which can be used in a variety of ways to make objects from lampshades to toys, puzzles to chairs and tables.

    “We’ve been designing custom cardboard furniture for use at exhibitions and events for a decade now, its successful because it can be fully branded and it’s lightweight.”

    Cardboard Desk Theodo Cardboard Furniture Cardboard Construction Office Furniture
    Chair Dufaylite Chair Cardboard Furniture Strong Chair
    Light Shade The Stock Market
    Large Outdoor Games Cardboard Games Board

    Lightweight corrugated cardboard furniture

    Corrugated cardboard is a great material for producing temporary furniture – it can be flat packed, is incredibly lightweight so can be moved around with ease, and can be fully printed with whatever graphic design or colour you want.

    Recyclable furniture and the environment

    What happens to your temporary furniture after the event? Cardboard furniture can be designed to be disassembled and flat packed for next time. Alternatively, cardboard furniture can be flattened and recycled extremely easily.

    Cardboard furniture in the UK

    We’re based just outside the M25 in Maidstone, Kent. We’re ideally located for quick and easy transportation throughout the UK, but especially London and the South East.

    Radley Cardboard Display Unit Special project Shelving Smaller
    Body Shop Life Size Throne
    SPE15967 Body Shop Life Size Throne

    Why WH Skinner is the best choice
    for your cardboard project

    Completely Customised WH Skinner

    Completely Customised Designs

    We design packaging and displays around your products and services. Shapes, sizes, board thickness, colours, grades and print specifications are all customisable, depending on your requirements and budget.

    Plastic Free Designs

    Plastic Free

    Corrugated cardboard is kerbside recyclable and partially made from board which has previously been used and recycled. Peace of mind for you, frustration free for your customers and help for the planet.

    Superb Quality Wh Skinner

    Superb WH Skinner Quality

    Superior cardboard designs, unparalleled print quality and fastidious quality control ensure we have thousands of satisfied clients, many of whom return time and time again.

    Customer Service WHSkinner

    Dedicated Customer Service

    Always listening and offering friendly advice based on years of industry experience – happy to hold your hand through the process if you need extra support.

    On a Tight Schedule?

    On a Tight Schedule?

    Please just give us a call to see what we can do. We hold selected materials in stock and have various design and production options available to help speed things along.

    Experienced Manufacturers

    Experienced Manufacturers

    Our production staff are highly skilled and with our unique mix of production equipment it is possible to offer excellent value for short and long production runs of the highest quality.

    Wh Skinner Magician - A winning Combination

    A winning combination of industry-leading software, capable design department and experienced manufacturing team will translate your concept of ideas into a reality exceeding your expectations

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    Point of Sale &
    Cardboard Displays

    Point of sale displays enhance the visibility of your products within a competitive retail environment, ensuring they capture attention effectively. Investing in high-quality point of sale displays can lead to a noticeable surge in both interest and sales for your products and services. Our portfolio features a variety of designs, ranging from compact shelf-ready displays to floor-standing display units (FSDUs), standees, and counter display units (CDUs). Explore the diverse options available and discover the impact these displays can make on showcasing your offerings.

    FSDU12798 Large Cardboard Display for Childrens Toys

    Large Scale Cardboard

    While cardboard might not be the initial choice for large displays and exhibition stands, it offers numerous advantages. We specialise in crafting sizeable, lightweight, and flat-packable displays, stands, and structures that exude dynamism, drama, and a touch of the unexpected. Additionally, after your event concludes, cardboard components can be easily recycled.


    Design and
    Manufacturing Services

    While cardboard might not be your immediate choice for large displays and exhibition stands, it boasts numerous advantages. Our designs focus on creating substantial, lightweight, flat-packable displays, stands, and structures that are dynamic, dramatic, and pleasantly surprising. Moreover, once your event concludes, the cardboard components can be easily recycled.

    WH Skinner Zund Cutting Creasing Routing

    Cardboard Packaging and Printed Boxes

    Strong and stylish, corrugated cardboard packaging is suitable for many applications – from protecting large and heavy items in transit to presenting smaller items beautifully in a presentation box. We commonly go far beyond standard designs – using our decades of experience and qualified designers to deliver smart packaging solutions which fit your products and budget perfectly. Our online portfolio shows some of our previous designs.

    PRE31457 Eco Friendly Presentation Boxes