Packaging Consultancy Services

WH Skinner can offer dedicated design consultancy services from producing innovative space saving, protective packaging design through to cost savings in logistics and minimising your company’s non-recyclable waste and storage.

Packaging Design & Engineering

  • Designing custom presentation, functional packaging or protective boxes or displays to maximize your sales impact whilst protecting your goods from damage and reducing breakage.
  • What is the actual tangible cost to you of any damage but also, what is the intangible damage to your reputation?
  • We tackle any existing packaging problems and offer packaging technical support.
  • We provide packaging solutions for your company’s individual needs. Are you using the right materials for your packaging? Should you be considering a greener option or is there an opportunity to turn a one-way packaging unit into a long term presentation box?
  • Have you had a design produced elsewhere that is generally acceptable but the fit and finish are poor? We can improve your existing designs so that they assemble easily and fit perfectly
Large Box Protective Packaging with Inserts and Fitments
Removing a die cut piece of cardboard from platen forme to make point of sale and packaging

Minimising manufacturing costs

We look at streamlining your production and packaging. How easy and quick is it for your operatives to make up/assemble your boxes on the packaging line? Did you save 6p on the design of your new box but it is costing 9p extra in labour to make up this box? Are you using excessive or unnecessary materials in dispatch? We are manufacturing consultants and can cut costs without cutting corners.

Promo box with custom inserts manufactured near London, UK.

Your company brand

Providing packaging sustainability for an eco-friendly image. How easily can your end customer dispose of the packaging? Are they irritated that you have used too much packaging and that you have not chosen a greener option? Are you using the right materials for your packaging? Should you be considering a greener option or is there an opportunity to turn a one-way packaging unit into a long term presentation box?

How can we help?

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    Graphic Design Services for Packaging

    Artwork specialists

    Is your artwork not quite working? We have vast experience in creating and setting eye-catching artwork that will make your product stand out from the crowd. Producing great artwork on your packaging will increase sales and visibility of your brand.

    Strong Stacking Pallet Bin - Heavy Duty Packaging

    Minimising storage costs, maximising value

    We will explore options to reduce the number of pallets of packaging that you are storing. We will also look at any packaging rationalisation opportunities. If you can reduce the number of stock sizes you will save space and potentially reduce your packaging costs.

    Optimising Packaging Design

    Optimising logistics and minimising distribution costs

    How easily do your products fit the pallets? Could you get stronger boxes and stack higher on a pallet to reduce logistics costs?

    WH Skinner is your ideal partner to examine your packaging and display requirements

    We can look at the cost, aesthetic, logistical, image and legal implications of whichever solution you choose.  Using the latest CAD software and digital prototyping machinery, we can help and guide you through the development process and make sure that we deliver an intelligent design solution that fits your requirements as closely as possible.