Packaging Consultancy Services

WH Skinner can offer dedicated design consultancy services from producing innovative space saving, protective packaging design through to cost savings in logistics and minimising your company’s non-recyclable waste and storage.

Large Strong Box Protective Packaging with Inserts
Custom Stong Archiving Boxes With Lids
Influencer Box for Porridge Sachets
Flat Pack Furniture Packaging Light Fitting Box Large

Packaging Design & Engineering

  • Designing Designing custom presentation, functional packaging or protective boxes or displays to maximize your sales impact whilst protecting your goods from damage and reducing breakage.
  • What is the actual tangible cost to you of any damage but also, what is the intangible damage to your reputation?
  • We tackle any existing packaging problems and offer packaging technical support.
  • We provide packaging solutions for your company’s individual needs. Are you using the right materials for your packaging? Should you be considering a greener option or is there an opportunity to turn a one-way packaging unit into a long term presentation box?
  • Have you had a design produced elsewhere that is generally acceptable but the fit and finish are poor? We can improve your existing designs so that they assemble easily and fit perfectly