Eco Friendly Exhibition Stand

100% eco friendly exhibition stand. Every part of the stand we create and build is either biodegradable, recycled or reusable.

With environmental awareness at an all-time high, integrating sustainable practices into event planning does more than just minimise ecological footprints and at WH Skinner, we are here to help you achieve this.

Exhibitors and event organisers now harness the synergy of environmental stewardship and brand enhancement by choosing eco-friendly exhibition stands—a move that resonates with a growing global audience attuned to sustainability.

Joining Forces for an Eco-Conscious Future

Are you aligning your brand with the principles of sustainability? The catalyst that launches your corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts into the forefront of your industry could well be an eco-friendly exhibition stand. By choosing to stand out through environmentally responsible branding and displays, companies directly reflect their dedication to a greener tomorrow.

Eco Friendly Exhibition Stand
Eco Friendly Exhibition Stand

At the core of our business model lies the unwavering commitment to eco-conscious practices. Recognising the power of action, we incorporate CSR into every aspect of our operations. So, contact us today to see what we can do for you.

The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Product: Our Exhibition Stands

Designed with Recyclability and Zero Waste Solutions in Mind

Every component of our exhibit stands marries form with function, ensuring that they imbue both recyclability and zero waste principles. This design philosophy mandates that all materials either return to the ecosystem harmlessly or remain in the economic cycle, thereby reducing environmental impact.

Reusable Components for Maximum Resource Efficiency

The modular nature of the stands allows for repeated use across multiple events. This inherent reusability serves to diminish resource consumption and extend the lifecycle of the product. Utilising these reusable components not only lowers costs but also reduces the carbon footprint associated with production and disposal.

Sustainability Meets Style: Eco-Friendly Design Aesthetics

Our stands represent the joining of environmentally conscious manufacturing and aesthetic appeal. Balancing ecological responsibility with striking visuals, the design of these exhibition stands ensures your presentation catches the eye.

Each exhibition stand integrates custom graphic options. This allows for total alignment with your brand identity, ensuring the message encapsulated by your visuals resonates with the core values of your business.

Exhibition Stand Jangro Cardboard Stand Custom Exhibition Stand Digital Printing White Ink on Brown board Display Cubes

Material Matters: Recyclable and Organic Components

Showcasing products or services at exhibitions can operate in harmony with environmental conservation through the selective use of materials. Exhibitors with a concern for sustainability actively choose recyclable and organic materials for their stands. A conscious approach to material selection not only reduces the environmental impact but also aligns brands with their eco-conscious customers expectations.

By selecting recyclable and organic components for exhibition stands, companies demonstrate their commitment to sustainability while enjoying the practical benefits of durable, high-quality materials. These choices reflect a broader trend towards ecological responsibility in the events industry. Additionally, the use of these materials invites conversation and builds brand reputation, offering a subtle yet powerful statement about the company’s values.

Strategies to Minimise the Carbon Footprint of Your Exhibition Space

Reducing the carbon footprint of an exhibition space extends beyond lighting. Utilising energy-saving electronics, such speak with clarity and conscience about your company’s environmental commitment.

  • Implement motion sensors and timers to ensure lights and electronic displays are only on when needed.
  • Choose equipment with a recognized Energy Star rating, confirming high energy-efficiency standards.
  • Embrace renewable energy sources where possible, such as solar-powered devices or purchasing green energy from your power provider.
  • Consider the entire lifecycle of the equipment, favouring those with low power consumption and long service life to reduce waste and frequent replacement.

Promote Your Business While Protecting the Planet

Aligning your brand with eco-friendly practices offers a significant competitive edge. By choosing eco-friendly exhibition stands, you capitalize on green marketing, turning your environmentally conscious decisions into a unique selling proposition (USP).

Engage potential clients and partners by demonstrating a commitment to sustainability, which resonates with a growing consumer base that favors eco-responsible businesses.

Use displays to highlight specific eco-conscious initiatives, such with the integration of QR codes that link to detailed case studies or the use of digital screens to portray your company’s environmental efforts in action. This strategic communication underscores your business’s dedication to conservation and positions your brand as a leader in corporate responsibility.

  • How do your eco-friendly practices influence your brand storytelling?
  • In what ways can your exhibition stand serve as a beacon for environmental stewardship?
  • Can the design of your stand reflect your company’s vision for a sustainable future?

Custom Solutions for Diverse Needs

But how do we balance bespoke designs with sustainability? By integrating modularity and reuse principles into our stands. A modular stand design allows for the quick and easy reconfiguration of your exhibit to fit different spaces and event types without compromising on the sustainability aspect. This flexibility ensures that an investment in a custom, eco-friendly stand remains beneficial over numerous exhibitions, thereby reducing waste and maximising resource efficiency.

The choice of material plays an integral role in crafting these custom solutions. By selecting eco-friendly materials that are not only recyclable but also durable, your exhibition stand can be repurposed for future events, which is essential for long-term sustainability. Moreover, your brand’s message and visual identity take precedence, so we collaborate closely with you to ensure that the graphical elements of your stand are printed using sustainable inks and fabrics without compromising on quality and vibrancy.

  • Tailor-made stands for business-specific requirements
  • Flexible designs for a perfect match with event themes
  • Modular components for versatility and reuse
  • Eco-conscious material selection for durability and recyclability
  • Collaborative approach to integrating brand identity with sustainability

Waste Not, Want Not: Zero Waste Solutions for Exhibitions

Zero waste solutions at exhibitions reflect a commitment to environmentally responsible practices. By focusing on strategies for waste management before, during, and after the event, exhibitors and organisers can significantly reduce their environmental footprint. Exhibitors who adopt zero waste initiatives showcase their dedication to sustainability, enhancing their brand’s image and appeal to eco-conscious consumers.

Partnerships with Local Waste Management Providers for Responsible Disposal

Engage local waste management providers to handle the disposal of waste generated during exhibitions. These partnerships ensure that waste gets sorted, processed, and repurposed correctly, diverting materials from landfill sites. A reputable local waste management partner can provide insights into the most effective practices catering to the specific conditions and regulations of the area.

Discover the Impact of Local Sourcing in Sustainable Exhibiting

Local sourcing stands as a core element in reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation emissions. Sourcing materials and services in close proximity to the exhibition venue mitigates long-distance freight, subsequently diminishing the total greenhouse gas emissions generated. This not only fostiles closer synergy within the community but also contributes to the overall sustainability of the exhibition’s lifecycle.

Strengthen Customer Connections with Sustainable Exhibits

Exhibitors often overlook the substantial benefits eco-friendly displays offer in enhancing customer relations. When a company exhibits with a stand designed with sustainability at the forefront, it sends a clear message of corporate social responsibility. Attendees increasingly resonate with brands that demonstrate a commitment to the environment. By incorporating eco-friendly exhibition stands, companies not only validate their dedication to sustainability but also leverage this to deepen customer trust and loyalty.

Case studies serve as tangible evidence of success in this area. For example, businesses report that clients engage more meaningfully with brands that utilise green materials and practices.

  • Inspiration: See firsthand how vibrant and engaging an eco-friendly stand can be.
  • Innovation: Discover stands that have successfully incorporated cutting-edge sustainable features.
  • Customisation: Visualize the wealth of customisation options available, enabling a brand’s unique vision to come to life in an environmentally responsible way.

Begin Your Journey Towards Sustainable Exhibitions

For assistance in implementing eco-friendly exhibition stands that both captivate and conserve, our team offers personalised consultation and detailed quotes tailored to your specifications.

Engage directly with our experts by submitting an inquiry through our designated form. Provide relevant details about your exhibition goals and any specific sustainable practices you wish to incorporate. Our team will respond promptly, ensuring a seamless initiation of your green exhibition planning process.

Environmental Awareness has been at the heart of our company ethos from the very beginning.

As part of the paper packaging industry, which has had an excellent reputation for recycling and fantastic environmental credentials for decades, WH Skinner has always strived to do even more. Read on to learn more about how we can help you with packaging that won’t cost the Earth.

Our Materials

Single Wall and Double Wall Flutes

Corrugated cardboard is a sustainable and recyclable material which is both lightweight and extremely strong. Depending on the thickness of the corrugations and finish of the liner board, corrugated card can be elegant, strong, and long lasting.

This cardboard can be used for boxes and displays but also furniture, exhibitions, games and art.

E flute is mainly used for inner containers, presentation boxes and smaller countertop displays.

Double wall cardboard such as EE or EB is used where box strength is important, or for free standing displays and dump bins.

Single wall cardboard such as B or C flute is generally reserved for economical outer boxes and cartons. BC flute is used for more demanding applications.

Corrugated Cardboard

All the benefits of corrugated cardboard but with the added convenience of rigidity in sheet form. This material is ideal for use in cardboard furniture, exhibition and semi-permanent displays. It can also be used as packing material for fragile items.

Structural Board Protective Cardboard

Display board is a solid board without corrugations and is generally used for high-end displays, and in places where curves are desired such as elliptical towers or round displays.

It is often used as a cladding material, where the strength and rigidity of a display will come from the cardboard components inside. Display board offers excellent print finish and a long-lasting high quality surface.

Display Cardboard

Ideal for use where cardboard is not suitable, UV-stable Correx can be used outdoors, in wet weather conditions, can be washed clean, and can be printed as usual. Commonly used for displays in garden centres and DIY stores.

Correx Cardboard

Extremely light weight and very rigid, foam board is ideal for hanging display boards. It has a very smooth surface for high print quality. 

Foam Centred Board

Foamex is a solid plastic sheet material which has excellent longevity. Frequently this material is used for outdoor signage and has a good appearance once printed. Occasionally, Foamex is used for indoor displays where complex and detailed cut-outs reduce the strength of cardboard i.e. standees.


Predominantly, transparent polypropylene sheeting is used for producing mop trays, which are waterproof trays to fit around the base of a cardboard display.

Once fitted, the floor can be mopped as usual without the need to move the display to a dry area.

Other Plastics